99ers Job Diversions

Is the issue of jobs being addressed by those claiming to represent the people of the United States in the House, Congress, and the Executive?  The answer is no.  The fact is the jobs issue has become nothing more than a political excuse for those currently in power to do anything they want.  If they want to cut a program and give the money for that program to the rich they simply say, “We have to do it to create jobs.”  If they want to keep tax cuts for the rich they say, “It will create jobs.”  If they want to deregulate, which in reality is what caused the economic crisis and the loss of our jobs, they say, “We are doing it to create jobs.” 

I expect any day to see a bill introduced to euthanize all the 99ers in the name of creating 100 jobs running the gas chambers.  The fact is not only has not one job been created by our new Congress, but we are losing thousands every day to further corporate downsizing and a further transfer of jobs overseas. 

The events in Egypt are still dominating our news, while the 99ers are being treated as if we do not exist.  One of the big concerns for the United States at present is how the events in Egypt might affect Israel.  Israel has a population of 7 million and the welfare of that 7 million is of the greatest importance to those who are supposed to be representing the people of the United States, this while the plight of 20 million unemployed Americans is being ignored. 

Never in the history of this nation has there been a group of politicians that shouted out to the world, “Please, tell us what can we do for you,” while telling our own people to eat feces and die.  Those holding our highest seats of power are nothing more than lapdogs for the international corporate mafia and anyone who has not come to this realization by now has to be said to be living at the headwaters of duh Nile. 

As we freeze and go hungry the con man Soetoro is concentrating on the greatest scheme ever.  And that is to retain the presidency in 2012 in spite of a population that knows him to be a liar from a foreign country.  Maybe the corporate mafia can arrange for a new crisis every month up until the election.  If you think about it, this country has been running on crisis distraction since the beginning of the year.  We cannot continue to just stand idly by while our country is being given the coup de tat. 

I think that the power structure has ceased to worry about future election results as they will be of no consequence once the Fabian social communist dictatorship is established.  And if you look at what is going on around you, you have to know that we are almost there.  This whole situation has become like a leaking damn.  We keep waiting for something from the other side to plug the hole as the pressure builds.

If I could afford the charge on my phone bill, I would call Egypt and ask them if they could relay a message back to my so called representatives in Washington D.C.  And that message would be that the 99ers are 20 million strong and we can’t give a damn about any other issue until our right to basic sustenance is restored.





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  1. I am now considered a 99er and I know that without help from the government I and many will not make it through this. I have looked everyday for a job since I lost mine and running out of options I have no family except for my son. We need a safety net to get us through while these jobs are being created because with out that it is over for a million people and more to come.

    I do appreciate that the government has helped us all out until this point because with out that we won’t make it can the government really let millions of people be without anything? I have worked my whole life and I am scared and sad but I am trying to keep up a good front for my son.

    My son has ADHD and is hard of hearing and sometimes it is all overwhelming for people and to have the government not behind us for immediate help I just don’t know It will take time to create jobs and we need something to hold onto.

    This morning I took my son to school and I only had change for about $9.50 so I could put gas in the car because we are about to get a blizzard and you know what the clerk told me the lady who owns the gas station in Wilmot, WI (BP) the only one in that area does not want to take change anymore but she would do me this one favor. What is that how can you say that to someone so I said I am doing what I can with the storm coming in I needed to get some gas in my car and with times the way they are we are all trying to do our best and she said I know I can do it this time. Then while I was counting it out, on the side she precedes to tell the next customer out load that there are so many people that are paying with change that they can’t do it anymore while I am counting right there on the side nothing like making someone feel like crap and telling the other people in the line that in front of me.

    I told her don’t worry I won’t be back after the way I was treated and how she made me feel worthless at least it wasn’t pennies things like this kill people inside and I almost hope that her and the owner end up in my place to see what it is really like and how it feels to have something done like that to them.

    We need help and I’m sorry if people keep thinking we aren’t trying to find a job THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! But we are all running out of options while the Government can pay there bills and rent and eat with no problem like I said I appreciate what they have done so far but I also worked my whole life until now and WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes job creation is what we need but until then we need to have income in order to make it while this is happening, not the Government saying there is basically no help for us and they don’t want to add to unemployment even though when we were in a recession at 7.2% they gave out 134 weeks now we are at 9.4% and they don’t want to help 99ers are growing and growing fast we need to be noticed and helped while all this transition is going on!!!

    Thank you!!

    1. Yvonne,
      Everyone knows our currency isn’t worth the paper nor the zinc it is printed or engraved on, but I assure you if anyone ever refused to take change from me they would have to call the police and the police would have to arrest me, after which I would sue the gas station and the police. The gas station for refusing to accept legal tender for payment of debt, and the police for enforcing their riduculous private policy.
      Don’t shy away from people like this, take your change back to the gas station and tell them they are either going to accept it or you are going to have to get a hold of the Treasury Department to sue for the counterfeit currency they are producing.
      Anyway, don’t give up and don’t let them get you down.

  2. Yvonne I am sorry that you have exhausted your UI benefits and joined us as a 99er. If you haven’t already please go to Organized Resistance, then States represented to date and add your name to our Nationwide Rally. Just your first name and the address of your unemployment office under the State you live in. We don’t need your full name or your address. That being said we have been trying to get the government to help us for months. You have found your way to an excellent website. These guys are great and the information is always accurate and easy to understand. As soon as we get stronger in numbers we will be able to organize protest groups. You could also help by listing our website on every site you visit. Hold on to your dignity — you didn’t do anything wrong, we were robbed of our jobs and we are not responsible for all of our jobs being outsourced. My prayers are with you and your son, Yvonne. Please let me know how you are doing.

      1. 99er,
        Barbara is not talking about contacting the unemployment office. She is talking about signing up for the Nationwide Rally. You can join by clicking on the link near the top of this page to the right.

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