4 thoughts on “Russia Says Any US State That Wants To Leave The US Can Join Russia

  1. That’s pretty funny, Tim talks about anyone that would consider joining the Russian federation as traitors and would be executed. Why doesn’t he say we need to take care of the current traitors instead? Guess he is OK with them? And they recommend we live like the Amish? How is that going to work when everything is controlled? What barter and trade, go back to wood fired stoves and candles? No different than states moving their borders, that’s a bandaid. The root cause needs to be addressed but I highly doubt the kings will relinquish power.

  2. LOL
    That’s funnier than sh!t
    I won’t be joining anything
    And generally folk be stupid.
    I plan to die leaving folk pissed 😉

  3. Let me guess. We got some Trumptards asking for this? Get your a$$ over to Siberia then. Not going to watch Tim Fool and his propaganda.

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