School suspends child for using finger as pretend gun while playing with friends

Jordan Bennett WFTV News

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — An Osceola County mother is outraged after she said her 8-year-old son was kicked out of class for playing cops with his friends at Harmony Community School and using his finger to simulate a handgun.

Jordan Bennett was suspended from school for the day, but his mother, Bonnie, said she’s now worried her son be labeled as violent with a suspension on his record.  

“He had nothing in his hand. It was a finger gun, a pretend gun,” Bennett said.

But as it turns out, the school considered the gesture to be an act of violence.

“He didn’t threaten violence. He didn’t utter words that were inappropriate. He made a sound and used his fingers and that was it,” said Bennett.

Bennett told Channel 9 she believes there are more effective ways the district could have disciplined her son than having him miss school for the day.

“A written apology,” she said. “If he would have written an essay about why it was inappropriate, what he did, that would have made more of an impact.”

Instead, Bennett said her son was forced to miss an entire day of instruction.

“I absolutely think he should be in school,” she said.

Bennett said her son has never been in detention or suspended before. She hopes by speaking out that administrators will start distinguishing between an actual threat and a pretend game.

The school district told Channel 9 due to student confidentiality, they cannot comment on individual cases.  They did say their code of conduct prohibits students from playing with invisible guns.

5 thoughts on “School suspends child for using finger as pretend gun while playing with friends

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen Common sense has left the building!! C’MON REALLY!! My 9 year old does this. What little boy doesn’t.

  2. The goal is to disarm the population and thereby make people easier to control. It also means that any effective means of revolt are removed.
    Those with delusions of grandeur dream of ruling over the planet as one big plantation. That is hard to do if freedom loving people form pockets of resistance. These same individuals realize that it is best to start with the young and tech them that even the thought of a gun is bad, then in a couple of generations their goal will be met and the populace with unarmed and easily ruled.
    The founding fathers put the second amendment in the constitution for a reason. History teaches us that tyrants always seek to disarm the people, and that they can always find willing sycophants to do the dirty work.
    Resistance to this must be firm, unwavering and permanent. If they ever achieve it freedom will fade from memory more than it already has.
    Look how abusive the police are now when we have guns but not the will to use them. Do you actually think it will get better when you are disarmed? Most of the people attacked by cops are unarmed and nonviolent, but these uniformed servants get their jollies the same way a school yard bully does. And the cure for it is also similar.
    Think it over, read a little history, decide if slavery and abuse for the rest of your life sounds better than dragging these aholes out into the street and delivering a lesson in resistance to tyranny. Your choice.
    Some of us will never be slaves, never bow down, and never be swayed by any rhetoric aimed and diminishing our ability to defend ourselves against some of the most corrupt, sick, traitorous, murderous and ugly bastards this world has ever known, your leaders.
    And by the way it is a poor choice of words to call them leaders, because really who would follow them?

  3. Once again, I just HAVE to ask:


    If not, case closed. The child did NOTHING illegal.

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