“September Clues” : 9-11 Truth is Limited Hangout

Henry Makow

Simon Shack, who made “September Clues,” believes the 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT is a well-funded limited hangout. The leaders reveal certain aspects of the attacks but hide the true events, of which video trickery played a key part. There were no planes involved.

The CEO of the Loose Change company, a man named Joel S. Bachar, was associated with the Rockefeller Foundation.

Shack’s latest version   reveals that although about 200 passengers were expected from the three planes destined to Los Angeles, hardly anyone showed up to greet them, and the terminal was closed to cover up this fact.

from April 16, 2012
by David Richards

The hit online film ‘September Clues (2008)’ is the most detailed and convincing exponent of the ‘no planes’ theory of 9/11.

The documentary is the work of Simon Shack, a seasoned video/audio engineer currently residing in Italy.

No commercial airliners were involved in 9/11. Missiles hit the towers and the planes were photo shopped. The amateur filmmakers and eyewitnesses were CIA plants.

The ‘no plane’ theory sounds absurd on first hearing, but if there were no planes in Pennsylvania, at WTC 7 and at the Pentagon, it would be consistent that no planes hit the WTC.

Shack believes there was a 17-second delay between the attacks and the screening of the footage, long enough for passenger planes to be inserted into the film. He reveals technical glitches and inconsistencies in the footage of the jets hitting the towers.

Various shots from both the TV footage and ‘amateur cameramen’ show United Airlines Flight 175 disappearing into the South structure like a ghost.

Another glitch is the infamous ‘nose in nose out’ shot, in which the Boeing penetrates the tower so perfectly that the nose of the plane emerges from other side unscathed. This is followed by a little blackout in footage in which Shack believes the perpetrators attempted to hide their mistake.

Bizarrely, different footage shows contradictory flight paths. One shows the plane dive-bombing into the tower, an impossible maneuver for a Boeing 767 (which cannot reach the reported speeds of 470 mph and 590 mph near sea level).

Audio was also faked. The same sample of a woman screaming is found on both an amateur film and TV footage. A fast reverse of the amateur video by ‘Sarah Spell’ reveals the shattering crash of impact to be a cymbal sample.

September Clues shows that the five major news channels had plants ready to act as eyewitnesses. Shortly after the attacks, all the big TV networks called up their own senior employees who reported seeing a commercial jet.

ABC News called up Mark Obenhaus, the producer of their hit show “Seeing is Believing”. He reported, in a suspiciously calm and measured tone, ‘the plane was completely engulfed by the building, it was extraordinary, no wings flew off, it just went directly in causing this cavern like hold in the building… It reminds you of the worst kind of effects in movies.”

Considering that the CIA has always run the US media (Project Mockingbird), it shouldn’t surprise that the TV networks were staffed with spooks ready to play their role. These are the people we rely on for information?

If a commercial jet didn’t hit the towers, what did? Shack believes JASSM AGM-158 winged cruise missile is a likely candidate, as it resembles a small plane and only explodes after penetrating its target. The explosion of the missiles was timed to go off with bombs planted inside the towers.

But what about the passengers on the four planes? They were created by an “identity generating” software program that makes digital people with fictitious names. He encourages people to look into the ‘CNN Victim Memorial’ and check out the weak back-stories and fake appearances of the ‘VicSims’.

This part doesn’t stand up to analysis. The flight lists could not have been faked. On board AA Flight 11 was David Angell, the multi-Emmy award-winning producer of the sitcom Frasier. On AA board Flight 77 was Barbara Olson, a prominent Neocon and a regular talking head at Fox News. Unlike the supposed hijackers, the passengers have disappeared; how we don’t know.


September Clues has been a big hit; the most popular version on YouTube has nearly 200,000 views. By looking at the comments beneath the videos and praise for the film online, clearly many seasoned 9/11 researchers advocate the ‘no plane’ theory.

However, the film has received short shrift from the big names in the 9/11 Truth Movement. Alex Jones says the proponents of the ‘no plane’ theory are disinfo agents designed to make Truthers look clownish. He describes their followers as ‘weak-minded’ and ‘mentally ill’. Dylan Avery (co-creator of ‘Loose Change’) refuses to allow anyone to discuss the film on the Loose Change forums.

For all their bluster, they do not refute the evidence in the film. Instead, they use smear tactics and relay dubious personal anecdotes (AJ claims friends from his college days were in NY on 9/11, and witnessed passenger planes). I have searched long and hard for a convincing debunking of the film, but I have yet to find one.

Simon Shack doesn’t come across as a spook. For one thing, he doesn’t receive the mainstream media attention afforded to Alex Jones and the Loose Change guys. On his website, septemberclues.info, he starts forums asking readers to debunk the various claims in the movie. For those who question his identity, he posts photographs of himself and his country home in Italy.

Shack believes that popular 9/11 Truth is a well-funded ‘cover’ movement. The leaders reveal certain aspects of the attacks but hide the true events, of which video trickery is a core part.

As evidence he notes the Loose Change website is run by a company named Microcinema International, which funded ‘Loose Change: An American Coup’ (2009). The CEO of the company, a man named Joel S. Bachar, previously worked for the Rockefeller Foundation. The Loose Changewebsite ‘Tech guy’ is a man named Douglas Fraser, whose CV shows previous stints in various Military programs.


September Clues is essential viewing.  The fact the passenger planes were Photoshopped reveals that 9/11 was to a large extent a purely televisual event, a mimicry of the disaster movies we are fed.

This may be shocking, but in military circles the idea of utilizing Hollywood effects for strategic gain is in common discussion. We live in a matrix and the Illuminati create our reality.

September Clues also does a pretty good job at filling in the rest of the story: the media talking heads were spooks, the passengers profiles were faked, a JASSM AGM-185 missile hit the towers etc.

Simon Shack admits he doesn’t have a conclusive explanation for what happened on 9/11, but his thesis is probably the closest thing we have to date.

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/september_clues.html#sthash.XWGC1S9l.Dx3et1W3.dpuf

5 thoughts on ““September Clues” : 9-11 Truth is Limited Hangout

  1. This Shack fella should have a chat with Rebekah Roth. She can tell him where the planes and the passengers went.

  2. “Shack’s latest version reveals that although about 200 passengers were expected from the three planes destined to Los Angeles, hardly anyone showed up to greet them, and the terminal was closed to cover up this fact.”

    Interesting…….Very interesting…..

    So “Loose Change” was from a Rockefeller company. Even more interesting. The plot thickens.

    How about them same planes showing up and being decommissioned a few years later when they were supposed to be vaporized in the crash? That alone tells you something is wrong with the planes hitting the building story.

  3. So, my brain goes, “Yeah, but i saw a plane on the tee vee hit the second tower, i did!”, when i continue reading along and they happen to mention a delay in the footage from live action, and my brain goes, ” Where is my critical thinking these days?”.
    Holy-weird makes fantasy that is just real looking enough to pass as bona-fide. We must remain critical, cynical, curmudgeonly, or some “c” word. That’s it, we must c, i mean see through the fog of war, the layers of bullshit, the numerous levels of deceit. This is a rabbit hole that will take you in, and you exit a changed person, if you exit… alive! No joke.

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