Shiny aluminum camper is built to go off-grid

Curbed – by Megan Barber

The diversity and innovation in today’s RV and camper industry is simply stunning. Campers can now rotate 360 degrees, hide a sports car in a mobile garage, or travel anywhere off road.

But for all the bells and whistles, some campers just don’t seem all that livable. That’s not the case with the new 215-square-foot trailer from Santa Barbara-based Living Vehicle. For eight years Hofmann Architecture specialized in custom Airstream renovations and now the company has turned to designing a mobile space where you can live off-grid all the time.  

The 27-foot Living Vehicle is a bit like a boxy Airstream, built with a rigid aluminum frame and finished with a reflective aluminum exterior. But instead of cheeky Bahama-styled interiors and the classic burrito shape, Living Vehicle is all big windows and chic design.

The trailer boasts room to sleep six in a queen-sized bedroom, convertible dining room sofa, and lofted beds that fold from the ceiling at the touch of a button. The living room looks more like a sleek tiny home than it does a camper; a giant 32-inch LED TV contrasts with a light-wooden wall, while a fully stocked kitchen includes a stainless steel sink, an absolutely giant refrigerator, and a gas stovetop. Sliding barn-style doors save space and the kitchen even comes with an island.

The main living area with kitchen. The dining seating transforms into a bed and a lofted bed rises down from above.

Most RVs lack fridge or dry good space, but Living Vehicle’s floor-to-ceiling pantry proves that you could pack enough food to stay for weeks. Sunlights and expansive windows throughout the space—even in the bathroom and bedroom—make the interior feel much larger than normal, and a sliding door opens to an outdoor decking area to create an indoor-outdoor feel.

Beyond the airy design, Hofmann Architecture is also making sure the Living Vehicle isn’t all just show. Double-paned windows, insulation, and a utility basement ensure that the mobile home can function in any climate. The company also offers a rooftop solar array, 24-V lithium battery bank, and additional water tanks for those who want to stay in remote locations for long periods of time.

Living Vehicle was built to sustain two people living off-grid for at least a month, although if you enjoy 20-minute showers your water tanks won’t make it that long. It’s priced at $129,995, making it much more expensive than some budget-oriented campers but in line with custom adventure vans or many of Airstream’s luxury models.

Deliveries for the Living Vehicle in the United States will begin in spring 2018.

The view from the dining room seating.
A light-filled bedroom boasts an en-suite bathroom and skylights.

14 thoughts on “Shiny aluminum camper is built to go off-grid

  1. Now I have goals.

    I’m still working on the shiny aluminum crapper.

    Ya…know like a stainless steel prison combination faucet.

    I’ve created my own prison cell.

  2. “Shines like a door to a whorehouse!” quote Henry Fonda in my favorite movie of all times; MY NAME IS NOBODY. The finest copy of this movie, you will ever find! Do your selves a favor, and save this. You’ll be glad you did! This is higher quality than the original theater release. Don’t ask me how…..

    1. ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is my favorite spaghetti western.

      Casting Lee Van Cleef was a huge plus for that one.

  3. I thought you guys would get a kick out of it. lol. 🙂 I’d rather have this than a house anyday.

    1. A cargo container would be a helluva lot cheaper… with more space.

      Problem with those is you need a semi to move ’em, though.

      But they’re great for burying.

      1. Just from experience.

        You just can’t bury a container.

        I have a 20′ and a 40′ container.

        You have to reinforce the sides.

        It takes some engineering and planning to incorporate them into your overall design and a lot of grueling hard work.

        Dirt work.

  4. those that have the disposable imperial credits to purchase these goods wouldn’t survive when the shit hit the fan.

    the stepford wife would be bitching the moment the lint trap was full and it was too icky to empty.

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