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We have upgraded that letter of warning and refusal to the power company and it no longer fits in the allotted space here. You can find that by going to:
On that home page, scroll down, way down, you will pass a large picture of an electric meter and a document called “Public Notice” (you will want to hang that on your electric meter).
Right below that is some short instructions titled TEXT OF LETTER FOR POWER COMPANY. The letter is right below that. Copy/paste that letter into your word processor, edit it according to the instructions, and send it to your power company. The sooner the better. They are sneaking these meters onto people’s homes by the thousands.
If you already have a digital meter (bad) go to for a special legal notice forms (“Demand For Removal”, free download) and safe analog meter replacement kits ($69.95) legal notice forms and instructions included.
Take back your power!
If you have questions, there is an email address and phone number at the bottom of the home page at

4 thoughts on “Smart Meters

  1. Paul, fight these smart meters, tell your neighbors why they don’t want one. We fought it down here, it was a hard fight, we won, we got an opt out, it costs 12.50 a month, oh well. These smart meters will talk with “smart” appliances that they are selling now. Plus all the new homes have IPADS in the wall. How dumb a camera to see your entire house. People need to realize if it says “smart” it means control. AGENDA 21.

  2. Most people I talk to, including some of my family have no idea what the smart meter is, and have no ambition to learn. Its sad. I did not know about any opt out measures, that is interesting. However, ive seen no push for smart meters in my area so im not raising any hell right now!

  3. In many States you cannot opt out but there are two alternatives: at best, they will disconnect your power; at worst, you will be arrested for resisting. It’s only a matter of time before protests against smart meters are defined as terrorism.

    Some States, like Virginia, have “pending” legislation for opting-out; however, most of the State has already made the transition to Smart Meters. So, lawful alternatives to opt-out are unlikely. If you are lucky enough to be home when they are attempting to install the smart meter, you can temporarily stop them from doing so… but they will be back. If you deny them a second time, they will be back again with the Police (especially if you have a large dog).

    Putting aside the 4th Amendment issues… you can shield 90% of the RF radiation by placing a piece of metal screen on the other side of the wall adjacent to the meter, which extends at least 2-feet from the meter’s circumference. However, I need to reiterate that the screen needs to be on the INSIDE of the house (opposite the meter). If you block the meter’s ability to transmit (like the guy in the video below), you will be visited by the Power Company, and possibly the police.

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