Snowing like a mad Christ chasing a sinner

I have to go out and shovel every three hours and I still can’t keep up.

Believe it or not I had the deck area in the pic clean! 

7 thoughts on “Snowing like a mad Christ chasing a sinner

    1. I am so jealous lol……so far 11 and 1/2 inches and still falling…huge drifts… one more time out then im calling it a day…this ol gal is getting tired …..tomorrow the wimps come out with bob cats and huge snow blowers hahaha

      1. Hate snow. More so than winter itself, mary (not too cold for me as long as it’s only raining here in the winter, is why) 🙁

        Might have been warmer yesterday if it HAD been snowing, though… 20 at 7:00 am.

        Much better today, didn’t even get down to freezing last night/this morning. yay.

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