“Stop Resisting” Cop Yells After Kneeing Complaint Cuffed Man In Stomach So Hard He Ruptured His Spleen

Information Liberation – by Chris

“Stop resisting, asshole!”

Those were the words uttered by Orlando police officer Peter Delio, after kneeing a non-resisting handcuffed suspect in the stomach so hard he rupturing his spleen.

As this newly released video shows, the only “resistance” 40-year-old Robert Liese could have put up was the resistance his abdominal muscles showed when faced with an unprovoked pounding.   

Officer Delio had already cost the city $15,000 in a previous settlement after illegally seizing a man’s cell phone for videotaping an arrest.

Evidently, he was given a “second chance” and not fired for his misconduct.

Now, he’s the subject of another lawsuit seeking over $75,000 in damages for excessive force and civil rights violations.

Watch a video report on the assault courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:


3 thoughts on ““Stop Resisting” Cop Yells After Kneeing Complaint Cuffed Man In Stomach So Hard He Ruptured His Spleen

  1. Apparently, expressions of pain or ruining the crease in an officer’s uniform is resisting. This business of shouting “stop resisting” while savaging the victim of their assault is getting old. By all means resist to the utmost ability to cause jury and pain to these bullies. They’re going to work you over anyway.

  2. if this guy does not buy a gun, an axe, or a mace (the ball & chain – not the spray) and get some justice, then i have no sympathy at all.

    how many more of these “instances” before someone decides justice does not equal a cash payment from the taxpayers?

  3. I tell people all the time the Florida has turned into a police state and the law enforcement of this shit hole prove it every day! You can bet that the other pigs in that pen are as bad as him and also knew how bad he was.This will never be corrected at the voting booth or the criminal courts and you can bet this is not going to end peacefully and the pigs will see tom that too!

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