2 thoughts on “Surveillance State Business is Booming

  1. Shotspotter has been around for at least a decade. Many big cities had it installed long ago. But it doesn’t seem to have much effect on criminal shootings.

    I’ve read elsewhere that many cops consider Shotspotter to be a joke. And in at least one city that has it installed, Boston, the arrest rate for nonfatal shootings is only about four percent.

    If Shotspotter isn’t very effective, I suppose it’s because (a) most shooters don’t stick around long after shooting someone, and (b) members of the public usually call 911 when they hear gunshots anyway.

    I’m not happy that this sort of technology exists or is being used, but it’s not going to be uninvented. The best people can do is be aware of its presence and, if necessary, work around it.

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