Teen says officer used excessive force while handcuffing her

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SAN ANTONIO — Caught on camera, what looks like a San Antonio Police officer dragging a 16-year-old girl along the counter in her school office.

Both the girl in the video and the San Antonio Police Department say this all started because of cussing.  

An officer arrested 16-year-old Tiffany Rodriguez at Por Vida Charter High School on Wednesday. The officer was originally called to the school to remove a woman who refused to leave the office.

Rodriguez says the woman only spoke Spanish and she thought the officer wasn’t treating the woman fairly.

“Yea I was mouthing off, but I was mouthing off to help the lady out like translating Spanish, because he didn’t know Spanish,” said Rodriguez.

That’s when she says the officer grabbed her.

“He slammed me against the door and I have a bump right here to show it. And when he had me against the door I told him to stop like to let me go he grabbed my arm and he twisted it,” Rodriguez said.

WARNING: The video below contains profanity and may contain images that are sensitive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Rodriguez’s best friend Casandra Ortiz was also in the office. They were both in the office because they were in trouble for being out of uniform, being late and for cussing. Police tell us Rodriguez had used a racial slur earlier that day at a school counselor.

“I knew her for so long it hurt me to see her getting thrown around everywhere,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz’s mother, Jessica Villarreal, was the one recording the video and she rushed into the office when she heard screaming.

“You can’t drag around a child like that, I don’t care how mad they get you, you’re an adult you don’t grab a child like that,” Villarreal said.

Rodriguez said her arm and shoulder had to be looked at when she was booked in juvenile detention for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

“I just think that he shouldn’t be working as a cop if he is going to be doing that to kids,” said Rodriguez.

We shared the video with SAPD and because of that, the department says Internal Affairs is conducting an official investigation. The officer said he was wearing a body camera. That has not been reviewed yet, we are told but will be.

The department says if anyone feels that they were mistreated by a police officer, they shouldn’t hesitate to report the incident to Internal Affairs.



3 thoughts on “Teen says officer used excessive force while handcuffing her

  1. who’s the child here ?
    the thug in costume , thats who
    how childish to go off like that on a kid , proves your no man .. and if a kid can get your goat that easy, you are in the wrong place

    Not a professional , thats for dam sure

  2. Another “Macho Man”, toughguy beating on kids and wearing a badge. Badges- we don’t need no stinking badges. I bet being one of his genetic misfits must be a daily blessing.

  3. See how much air is under her feet, as her face is smooshed into the countertop.
    That poor excuse for a man needs to be taught some etiquette with the business end of a 2×4, at the very minimum. That would be the appropriate stick up his a$$.

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