Texas Shooting Massacre – Emotional Interview with Dave Ivey – Uncle of Devin Patrick Kelley


Published on Nov 6, 2017

Sutherland Springs, Texas and First Baptist Church will never be the same. Dave Ivey, uncle of Devin Patrick Kelley, joins Kevin Hunter and Chris Bornstedt for this exclusive interview on NorthWest Digital News. Mr Ivey testifies that Kelley made a facebook posting the morning of Sunday, November 5, 2017 saying his head hurt, and he wasn’t thinking right. Ivey sent him a private message urging him to relax. He never heard back. Hours later, he received phone calls indicating that Devin had been involved in a mass shooting in Texas. Later on facebook Dave Ivey wrote: “Never in a million years could of believed Devin could be capable of this kind of thing. I am numb. My family will suffer because of his coward actions. I am so sorry for the victims in Texas.” 27 victims total (death toll was 28 including Devin Patrick Kelley). He was shot by an armed resident, Stephen Willeford, and eventually, authorities believe he died when he turned his weapon on himself.

Dave Ivey offered hope that the families can heal, and wishes to start a GoFundMe effort or other fund raising to help the victims.

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