Thank you, men

Published on Feb 26, 2018

I am nervous to post this video but felt compelled to record it after coming home from work today. I wanted to briefly express my appreciation for all the amazing men out there and the contributions they make, which often go unrecognized. Their actions are what allow a society to function. I tweeted a while back — I wonder (and worry about) what will have to happen for women to realize WE are the privileged sex — looking around at all the male bashing being encouraged in our culture, I am blown away by women’s shortsightedness. Men are the builders and keepers of a culture, but they’ll only maintain and protect it for so long, without female appreciation and inspiration.

11 thoughts on “Thank you, men

  1. I, my sons and grandsons thank you. It doesn’t take much to keep us going…this will be remembered when things are difficult.

    Ignore the trolls who will vomit whatever vitriol they have.

    You were kind and supportive when we needed it…and We. Will. Fight. On.

  2. It weren’t all men to be thanked, there’s the women whose inspiration is given to us, encouraging our inventive selves to be better men.
    I accept the thanks, with my own gratitude for their freewill choice and faith in me to “hitch-up to my wagon”, so to speak and forge a life together.

  3. that was nice…..could have kept the cop tribute out though …yeah I know sour grapes…..but hey I am from chicago

  4. After decades of being trashed for being male, I say it’s too late, baby.

    Common sense might have told you that the opposite sexes work best as a team, but you fell for the “all men are pigs” mentality and clung to it for far too long.

    Now, when things get ugly, and violence is upon them, they’ll yell “you’re a man; do something”.

    I’m not falling for it. If the crap weren’t about to hit the fan, she’d be insisting that all men are worthless pigs.

    1. Wounds, and bruises, and scars,
      speak the language of what went down

      Some who’ve been around the block,
      did not choose to cross the street,
      where other options open up
      showing themselves as other options

      Not every curse is unliftable,
      nor every dagger forever lodged
      inside the place its sharpness pierced

      On the other side of all of that,
      waving from across the street
      the temptress known as Possibility
      promises nothing, only extends
      an invite to find something real



  5. I’d like to thank all the men.

    Because if it wasn’t for them bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima. …

    Plus being plantation owners.

    I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

    And …hey look how I turned out.

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