The Communist Party Welcomed to America

Chinese flags line Pennsylvania Avenue as a big black limousine carrying China’s President (dictator) Hu Jintao passed by on its way to a red carpet reception at the White House being hosted by America’s communist dictator, President Barry Soetoro.  During this decidedly un-American spectacle, Hu was shown an example of our government’s love for our Constitution as a company of soldiers dressed in 18th century British uniforms paraded before him.  Who won that war?  Obviously the British did.  Or maybe the red coats suited the communist dictator better than our colonial blue would have.

Once again President Soetoro, acting on the behalf of all Americans, bowed before a foreign leader.  This visit from Hu is being sold to the American people as some sort of summit.  It is not.  Hu came to the United States for one purpose and that was to instruct Soetoro as to how he wants his real estate to be managed.  Unfortunately for the American people Hu’s real estate happens to be our country.

CNN reported, “The reason for all the pomp and circumstance for President Hu’s visit is for China to see the United States welcoming the Communist Party.”

Hu is scheduled to meet with top American business CEOs behind closed doors as soon as he is finished with his closed door meetings with our president.  The mainstream media was harping on Boeing’s participation in the meetings, and indeed Boeing will be getting a contract for a Chinese purchase of 200 planes from that company.  Another company that will be represented is Caterpillar, who just built a new plant in China.  In all $48 billion in contracts are to be awarded.

Mainstream news also reported that 235,000 jobs would be preserved as a result of the contracts.   What the mainstream did not say was that apart from the jobs at Boeing, those to be preserved are in other countries.  In a joint news conference featuring Soetoro and Hu, Soetoro indicated that our new wind and green energy revolution has now become a joint venture between the U.S. and China.

I suppose Soetoro might be worrying that he might have to explain why all of our green energy stimulus dollars are going to China when one of our own wind turbine plants here in the United States just moved to Mexico.  The former U. S. turbine company, no doubt, got a nice incentive payment for leaving.

The present actions our government is taking have to be considered a deliberate destruction of what is left of our economy.  God help the people of the United States of America.

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