99ers Get Prepared

At last, the 112th Congress has returned to work.  So have they passed any legislation that is going to get us jobs?  No.  Has any legislation been introduced to help the long term unemployed?  Well, no.  So what emergency legislation was pushed through Congress, hopefully in time to get it to the Senate, just in time to get it to the President, to save us from slipping off the edge and into the abyss of economic destruction?  Well, none actually.

What was passed in Congress Wednesday was the bill to repeal Obama care.  Oh, thank God, just in the nick of time.  The bill is scheduled to go to the Senate where it is expected to be voted down and in the unlikely event that the bill gets past the Senate, President Obama has already said he will veto it.  Being a 99er and watching this crap is akin to a drowning man watching the people on the boat polishing the rope.

Meanwhile, President Obama was busy securing the completion of our economic destruction by kissing a pre-polished place on China’s President Hu’s ass.

All you 99ers out there listen up.  What the dirt bag traitors spent in one night paying for a state dinner for our worst enemy, would probably take care of any ten of us quite well for the rest of our lives.   I swear this whole thing is becoming like watching a bad movie through a kaleidoscope.  Six weeks of winter left, I’m the poorest I have ever been, and my fearless protectors in Washington have not even mentioned the number one issue in America, jobs, in the last week.

Many are saying that all indications are that the international corporate mafia is going to drive their planned destruction of America forward and on schedule, no matter what.  And we are going to sit in our chairs and watch our country be given the coup de grace without lifting a finger.  For years I have been hearing people say we are going to take our country back when the time comes.  Well I say if this isn’t the time, we have already missed it.

I actually heard someone say on the news Wednesday that the Republicans were accusing the Democrats of trying to steal their credit for the improving economy.  I actually laughed out loud.  Who in the hell are they talking to?  I know a lot of people, all across this country, in all walks of life and they are all asking the same question.  The propaganda has come to the point that it can be nothing more than something to entertain them while they are finishing us off.

I think we all had better stock any and all foods we can and get ready to grow more as soon as the weather will let us.  There are definitely hard times ahead.  I see no other way this whole situation can be logically interpreted.





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  1. Henry I agree with you completely. I have started stocking up on food as best I can. It is absolutely enough to make you sick when you see where they have placed their priorities. Does anyone else hear laughter? We are being laughed at by other countries and still we do nothing. WTF Healthcare reform? They are dragging everything out so they don’t have to deal with the unemployed, 99ers and the economy and we are doing nothing. Why would they give us a lifeline? What’s in it for them? We are exactly where they put us. What is it going to take before we unite? Where are the words or actions that will fire up the American people? I can’t find them. It seems all I do is piss people off. We should be protesting in the streets. I am sick and tired of hearing about the Arizona episode. It was horrible and I pray for everyone involved, I also pray for the unemployed who die everyday. We can’t help Arizona, as it is over and in the past, but we can learn from it and prevent these things in our future. I am afraid this is going to happen again. When you have lost everything and can’t even feed your family the pressure is unimaginable. I just wanted to add that our new Speaker of the House, seems to be a little unstable. I don’t think it is normal to cry all the time.

  2. We need to unite and fight! We’re going to be under communist control soon, very soon. The 99ers are not going to get help from our Govt. Its time to pray and pray frequently….the end is coming!

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