The Day Israel Attacked America

Published on Nov 1, 2014 by mrbubetube

This aired late Friday evening, 31 October 2014 on the Al Jazeera America channel. Took me completely by surprise as I was simply channel surfing for some good Halloween horror flicks, hahahaha. The biggest reason I uploaded this is because at about 19:50 in this video, the witness says he saw Israeli boats machine gunning the life rafts and then machine gunning the ship. I never heard that before. I thought the Liberty thing was just a mistaken aerial bombing that didn’t last long. Now, I don’t know if the life rafts were manned and deployed, or empty and still attached to the ship, but either way, this definitely discounts the “mistaken identity” explanation. Anybody have more info on this?

Sorry about the shitty video quality. I’m not very skilled at recording cable TV programs and converting them to a youtube video. I still have the original wtv file which is about 1.5 gb in size, so if anyone can do a better job editing, converting, and uploading this and you want the wtv file, let me know and make it available for you to download it.

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