The Second American War of Independence Has Begun

Patriot Rising

Americans are not only quitting their jobs or moving out of state rather than having their school-age children face mandatory vaccination, onerous lockdowns and public ridicule, they are beginning to forge their own new independent American culture that is less reliant upon government, public utilities and federal money.

The “great escape” has already begun. Here in California my son’s homeschool math tutor, who teaches in a public grade school by day and tutors after school, says the top enrollment at his school was 544. Now it is only around 300. Parents are pulling their kids out of California schools.

In California, Monday Oct. 18 is “California Sit Out.”  Parents will call their children’s schools to announced an unexcused absence.  An ad-hoc group called Moms On The Ground is leading the effort.

State funding per student is $13,9767 per student or $78 per day.

California State figures show that K-12 enrollment fell by 160,000 students, which is a 3-percent dip and the largest drop in enrollment in twenty years.

$13,976 per student per year X 160,000 students = more than $2.2 billion loss of local school revenues from the State.

A California homeschooling tutoring center which normally received ~two new inquiries from parents every week now receives a dozen or more inquiries from parents per day about how to set up curriculums for home-schooled children.

Push Critical Race Theory and genderless ideas on naïve school children and mothers will rightfully rebel.  Malcontents realize elections to school boards and governments may mean nothing with electronically-rigged elections.  The obvious solution.  Create your own communities, home schools, etc.

Even 40% of California State workers have refused the jab.  An insurrection is in play.

France is way ahead of the US

The Statue of Liberty needs to be returned to France.  The pushback against globalist plans is far greater in France, where the “yellow vests” are openly rebelling, particularly at the idea of forbidding unvaccinated Frenchmen from buying food.  A measure to make vaccination mandatory is reported to have failed in the French Senate by a vote of 262-64.

In this electronically-connected world, scientific reports like the one recently published in the journal Toxicology Reports, entitled Why Are We Vaccinating Children Against Covid-19?  That report asks “What is the rush for a group (children) at essentially zero risk?.” Reports like these are not far from the reach of protective mothers.

Beyond schools

Farmers are going direct. As an example, John Wood, founder of US Wellness Meats, Kirksville, Missouri, is supplying grass-fed meat to thousands of customers in direct to doorstep delivery.  Globalists plan to limit meat consumption, which would result in a disastrous problem of hormone disruptionmalnutrition and eating disorders, particularly for growing children and child-bearing women.

Maybe the globalists will be left holding an empty bag.

Patriot Rising

5 thoughts on “The Second American War of Independence Has Begun

  1. The title of this article speaks of “The Second American War of Independence.” Then it goes on to mention NOTHING about how the second reflects the first. Not a word about supporting or participating in such a war. Nothing on arming up!!!!!!!! Has Patriot Rising never been in The Trench?? And just why is Patriot Rising rising anyway!!? Rising to yell at school boards or shame politicians? Okay, maybe some steps are being taken to stand against the tyrants, but please don’t mislead your readers by misrepresenting The WAR of INDEPENDENCE. And maybe that war of two and a half centuries ago didn’t achieve everything the people wanted and needed, but it sure had some brave and determined fighters and it led to our Bill of Rights, which we’re now fighting for.


  2. I don’t think these people really know who they’re up against yet. Simply turning away from the “system” to set up your own will NOT stop them coming for you wherever you go! “The Great Escape”? That sounds more like running away from the problem rather than facing it! I know it even sounds like a cliché now but… there really only is one way to stop these bastards! Just think of the t-shirt that says – “Communism is a disease but luckily the cure comes in many calibers!”. Before you get well again (set up your own “system”) you have to eradicate the disease! THEN you need a more HOLISTIC approach to everything to ensure the disease NEVER returns again!

    1. “Before you get well again (set up your own “system”) you have to eradicate the disease! THEN you need a more HOLISTIC approach to everything to ensure the disease NEVER returns again!”

      Yep. Well said!

  3. A lot of people are gonna have to die to get this right
    It would really be great if only the trouble makers were the first to be eliminated
    Problem is , that’s not how war works

  4. I was going to be quiet tonight but…. Your comments are all real and we have to support each other! Tired brother Ken… Ready but tired. Sometimes you just have to take care and give yourself a mental health break. However that is possible.

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