The Second Attack

Lawyer Higbee has once again violated the lawful order for the Mandamus by sending another complaint for damages and injunctive relief to the United States District Court in Medford, Oregon. 

The Mandamus is absolutely correct and the authority invoked therein is based in the superior ratified law for the united States of the Americas.  The Mandamus is a writ from a superior authority.  It cannot be dismissed by an inferior authority.  Either the writ is obeyed or disobeyed.  If disobeyed, the law cited for the order is disobeyed, which in this case equates to sedition and treason, both by Mr. Higbee and the corporate actor who joined with him for the violation of the laws.

Vic Nicastro’s copyright is for a still image.  It does not have a play button in the middle nor the title of the video on it. That which was on The Trenches came from Youtube.  It was put on Youtube by Associated Press with an embed code. Here is the video that I just got the embed code  again for from Youtube.

I will not answer to this unlawful criminal corporate organization as they already know they are breaking the law in contacting me, other than through the common law courts which the corporate mafia has unlawfully removed.

I cannot charge them for their crimes, again because the common law courts are removed, hence there is no avenue to exercise my right to redress and indeed this is what has happened to the entire united States and this is why we are at: Defend the people’s ratified law of this land or submit to subjugation.

These corporations know they are breaking the law and will continue to do so because they know the only avenue left to the people is to enforce the law themselves, as is our duty under the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, which means war.

These criminals will continue to commit treason and sedition in their ongoing campaign to remove the only true free press left in our nation.  They know they have nothing to lose.

To date there has been over 30,800 views of the Mandamus, and who knows how many copies have been made.  When the people rise up and enforce the supreme ratified law, these corporate criminals know they will be on trial for their lives and will not cease until I am forbidden to type or speak on the internet.

There was an article about a year ago that explained how this was going to work.  We have searched and searched and cannot find it, no doubt deleted by Winston Chow.  But it is too late for the occupiers, the truth has been unleashed and is spreading like wildfire and I will continue to tell the truth in accordance with my obligation to the truth, using every avenue available.

And as for Mr. Higbee, he thought I would bite on this one because it is so blatant?  Nope.  This is the only precedent you are going to get and at its root is that damn Mandamus, absolutely correct in law.  And you and every other corporate actor that has broken that law will be prosecuted for treason and sedition.

To our faithful followers here, if I am not alive at the end of this war, you will prosecute for me.  These acts of treason are premeditated and with complete intent to violate the supreme ratified law.

27 thoughts on “The Second Attack

    1. Indeed, new to the site and broadcast, this is the only way forward!

      Also for Henry and John,
      How about Blood Thirsty Thursday?

      1. It is Thoroughly Confusing Thursday!
        It has been Thoroughly Confusing Thursday for the past seven years and it is going to stay Thoroughly Confusing Thursday.

        1. Ah, oddly enough I recall you saying that, and that’s a good one. JD been saying recently Treason Thursday or something?

  1. Aloha Henry, we real Americans are everywhere. These maggots will come for all of us in the end, I assume that is why we are preparing, so they can understand how this is going to end for them, no matter if it is for The Corona Virus mandatory Quarantine or to enforce some criminal court order or tell us we can’t own a certain gun or accessory.

    Just come!… make laws, edicts and orders all you like, just remember to send the goons to enforce them….cause that’s when it begins

  2. So true, Norm. They “will come for all of us in the end.” And that old saying keeps comin’ to mind: “What can happen to my neighbor can happen to me.” So what better practice for one’s survival than to stand up for each other. And of course, we got the numbers. Glorious numbers that will keep-on-a-comin’.


  3. .
    How clear your words ring, Henry, and how they show these traitors haven’t a leg to stand on.

    I am sorry this distorted, invasive piece of bother has come to you again. But thankfully you are covered by our ratified law. And yes!! Count me among those who will stand by you through this and who will stand for our Bill of Rights. Least I can do for one who has taught me so very much.

    In spite of all the insanity and corruption out there, I wish you and Laura a beautiful Wednesday!!


  4. Once the greater of American Nationals come to realize the usurpation of the Constitution (from the very first Congress) laid the groundwork for the attempt to overthrow the supreme Law of this nation, The Bill of Rights, their operating motive will immediately switch from ignorance and fear to knowledge and anger. With that righteous anger justice will swiftly be served. Be active in spreading the Truth.

      1. galen, I am so at the anger stage ….I don’t know about the courage thing but I sure am aware of my savage

    1. You got ‘sued’ over a pic that was part of a video link and YouTube is allowed to allow its use but not a news site discussing a story?
      Boogaloo. Just heard that word the other day for the first time. now I get its meaning.
      And their snot gobblers too.

  5. These treasonous bastards know their end in near, so they’re going all in, hoping that the masses will bend their knee and accept the chains of slavery. Their lies are just that, lies, they will fall when the smoke clears.

    1. most of these people are paid functionaries they dont know too much more than netflix and cocktail parties, dont give stooges too much credit.

  6. I will prosecute after if still alive!
    Although someone may have to find me, and let me know it’s over as I may still be at war, my friend 🙂

  7. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    F this shekel grabbing slime and the slug he rode in on for f’g with you and the truth. He will answer for it.

  8. “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.”
    — Czeslaw Milosz


  9. You got em by the neck with your teeth, he’s trying to save face, undoutably being laughed around the globe… wouldn’t doubt if his wife is sleeping in a different bedroom, with him on the couch.

    This Higbee is a puss filled anal sore…

  10. Hi Mark. The bracelet has arrive. So lovely. Will give to hubby as surprise gift. Thank you so very, very much.



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