4 thoughts on “The Waco Lie

  1. This is the most horiffic truth I have ever heard put together, but always personally known through the good spirit.
    THANK YOU, for posting this and opening some spirits to the difference between good and evil. May they never accept outright lies on behalf of our slave-master controlling elites ever again. We are not farm animals to be killed at their discretion. We are all one with the BENEVOLENT Creator. My heart mourns these innocent human victims who were sacrificed to a different god by President William Clinton.
    See the great film Made in America with Tom Cruise, which was operated from his back yard in Arkansas.

  2. Wow. Thanks, Mark H. for posting this. I was getting ready to watch that mini-series and you saved me the time. I knew it would be partial truth but not near as twisted as the vid reveals. And it was advertised and pumped up with ads like: Finally, the truth about Waco. The deceivers never rest and stay invested in always coming out smelling like a rose. As much disdain as I feel for Clinton and Reno, I was particularly disgusted with Schumer; few can lie as masterfully to cover up a very dark moment in human history.


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