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  1. Just a few headlines I woke up to on this Tuesday morning:

    > New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Dies Suddenly
    > Chinese Tennis Star Withdraws from Match After Collapsing Again on Court
    > Denver Broncos’ KJ Hamler Reveals Pericarditis Diagnosis

    I do not process suffering very well, my own or anyone else’s, and today’s life has big doses of that. We are watching genocide parade before our eyes. I look at the emotional toll this is taking on me and wonder how many others are silently suffering. Yes, we are readying for the fight, but in the mean time, it effing hurts.


  2. Today is the 77th anniversary of The Battles in Athens, an armed uprising in Tennessee. I don’t know all the details of it but basically the people rose up against the “authorities.” They were fighting fraud and police brutality. Today I’ll study a little more about it. It’s most interesting and educational to observe a people who simply have had enough and now risk their lives to fight back. And I bet it’s not all black and white and there are many shades in the details. Not easy to get the full truth on any story.

    Here’s what Free Thought Project is reporting:



    1. Well, lookie here. The writer of the article, Claire Bernish, says:


      When is it “justifiable,” Claire? When we’re dead!!?


  3. It’s all out in the open now. The UN (and the WEF, etc, etc) is the ENEMY of Mankind & MUST BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED & ABSOLUTELY ERADICATED! ALL UN staff are enemy combatants who are actively engaged in war against Mankind. Anyone who refuses to see the truth now is anti-freedom & therefore a traitor to Mankind! DTTNWOE & ANYONE WHO ASSISTS THEM!!! WE OUTNUMBER THEM A MILLION TO ONE – LET’S GET THIS DONE!!!

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