The Word From The Trenches Broadcast Is Back Online!

After many long hours of trial and error, we have The Word From The Trenches Broadcast up and running again. There are a few small bugs to iron out this weekend, but we are planning to get back to business as usual, and The Word From The Trenches will air on Monday March 6th, at noon, and every weekday thereafter for the foreseeable future.

We would like to thank all of you for your patience and continued support as have been picking up the pieces here without our cofounder and webmaster, Laura. We could not do this without you!

I look forward to speaking with you next week.


10 thoughts on “The Word From The Trenches Broadcast Is Back Online!

  1. i have a feeling that when you pull all the way through everything you have been through since Jan. 9, and we hear your voice again, it will be one of those bitter-sweet, victorious moments that none of us would ever want to miss!

    1. I just need to add here, that what the amazingly talented Trenches web master created, really is a work of genius with a genuine personality that I feel through the email side of the site as well as the site itself. i am so happy for you, Henry, that you have mastered the operations and now, you are the web master of a really well crafted work of art, design and web tech!

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