There’s A Phone Hidden In This Photo And It’s Driving People Nuts


It’s like the 2016 version of the dress.

If you thought finding rare Pokémon on Pokémon Go was hard, try finding the missing item in this photo plastered all over the internet. Recently, this picture of a rug has been popping up all over Facebook with a nearly-impossible task: find the phone. Heather Rooney, a radio DJ in Fort Wayne, Indiana, posted the picture to her public Facebook page explaining that a woman dropped her phone on the patterned rug, making it hard to find.  

People started freaking out over the picture, unable to locate the phone. Some people (aka me) even assumed that there wasn’t a phone in the picture because how else would the picture have been taken? But soon enough, after encouraging messages from Facebook commenters, I realized there truly is a phone hiding in the picture. It takes a while and some zooming in, but I promise you: it’s there.

Some people have invested plenty of time and energy into locating the phone…

…while others have given up all hope.

So can you find the hidden phone? I would give you a spoiler, but I rather let everyone else go through the same excruciating search I went through. Happy hunting!

33 thoughts on “There’s A Phone Hidden In This Photo And It’s Driving People Nuts

    1. It took me a while to find it. I had to enlarge the photo.

      Here’s a hint: The phone is a smart phone in a floral case.

      1. Yep. I found it too. Took me a while also. It’s the only flower pattern that doesn’t fit with the rest of the carpet.

    2. It took me about 5 seconds to spot the camera, thats what gives it away. Looking for a phone shape probably would’ve took awhile though.

  1. Who cares? If I’m ever caught doing a jigsaw puzzle, my children have orders to shoot me in the head and end my misery. So puzzles like this get no attention, although entertaining for those that have nothing better to think about, don’t warrant my attention.

    Here’s a puzzle for ya, why do we waste our time on puzzles when there’s more important things at hand. It seems we’ve become too comfortable with our freedom (slavery) and most will be $hitting bricks when all hell breaks loose. And it’s going to be horrific. I think I’m ready but what looms ahead scares the hell out of me. If it weren’t for the patriot movement and what’s in my heart, I’d would’ve thrown in the towel already. It’s just nice to know there are many like-minded people out there that feel the same way and I won’t be alone when the SHTF.

    1. Good to know that you are an expert at spotting booby-traps and forces in camouflage. That will definitely be needed. 🙂

    2. “A time to laugh and a time to cry.”

      “A merry heart does good like medicine.”

      I comprehend your sentiments Millard.

      “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His ability.”

  2. Mental masturbation……….I see it now flowers, she placed it for the intent purpose. My son called my old Nokia phone a bobo.

  3. Uncle too. Dumb phone not smart.

    Besides what would I look for in a smart phone anyway? How does this make a difference?

    I did not look at any answers if they are even in the comment.

    Saw #1’s Uncle, and used it.

    1. I used “smart phone” as a description for a flat/touch screen phone, as opposed to a “clam-shell’/”flip” phone or a “candy bar” phone. When my clam-shell died, I got one of the flat ones. They called it a “smart phone”. (I just use it as a phone, other than the occasional text message or photo. Don’t care about the so-called “smart” part. LOL)

      1. When I don’t mind being frustrated I’ll look again then.

        Give us an easy one like the kitty in the log pile.

  4. Yep, it’s there alright! Very obvious once you know where it is.

    That was kinda fun and a bit frustrating.

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