Trump claims Covid vaccine will be provided ‘free of charge’

NBC News

President Trump held a press conference to discuss the progress of Operation Warp Speed and the development of a coronavirus vaccine. He claimed an agreement had been made with Pfizer to provide the vaccine they are developing “free of charge” but said it was an “unfortunate mistake” when the company said they were not a part of the operation.

3 thoughts on “Trump claims Covid vaccine will be provided ‘free of charge’

  1. Well Mr. Trumpraeli, 1st off traitor, your corporate walmart military (Gen. Perna) already has stockpiled vaccines. So, what do you need from Pfizer?

    Also, we don’t give a shit maggot if you offer the vaccine with a Million FRN’s and a shiny new Benz. Why don’t you just make it mandatory and force it on All of us?

    That way, we can start the rebellion against your tyranny and all those whom support it, you and your other puppet Biden et al..

    Yes, we here can see. and there is a powder keg about to go…. So, please light the fkn fuse punk.

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