General Says OperationWarpSpeed Vaccine “Ready to Execute”

Round Table – by David Knight

“All the mainstream media outlets coronated Biden as the winner on Saturday.  On Sunday, we have 60 Minutes talking about how fast they’re going to get these vaccines out.  Then on Monday, we have the miraculous announcement that they’ve finished the testing more than 2 years earlier than it could possibly be done,” reports David Knight on 11/10/2020’s show.

“Look at the deliberate timing of all this, it’s pure politics.  Pfizer’s senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development, William Gruber, told Stat News they decided in October to stop having their lab test for cases of Covid-19 in their vaccine study.  Instead, they left the samples in storage until the day after the election.  Everything about this is a planned scam.”

“I told you, didn’t I?  That Trump was stockpiling this for the military and the CIA.  Democrat governors were declaring that the vaccine isn’t safe and hasn’t been tested,  I said at the time, it’ll be an instantaneous 180 as soon as Biden is declared the winner.”

“They got Trump to believe that this was going to be his ticket to reelection if he rushed it.  Then they slow-walked it at the last minute.  They waited for the media coronation of Joe Biden and now they’re rushing it again.”

“Here’s how 60 minutes is presenting this now,”

60 Minutes host, David Martin, asked General Gustave Perna, the Army general in charge of Operation Warp Speed, “Are you ready to go if a– vaccine is approved tomorrow?”

General Perna: “Yes, we are.”

Martin: “What’s the first order you’re going to give?”

General Perna: “It’s a simple command of, ‘Execute.’”

Martin: “So once you say, “Execute,” how fast does it get out there?”

General Perna: “Within 24 hours.”

Martin: “Do you have doses of vaccine already stockpiled?”

General Perna: “Yes, we do.”

Martin: “How many do you have stockpiled?”

General Perna: “I’m holding on to that number right now because I wanna not create anxiety and we need to work through the details. A month from now, I’ll have more.”

Knight comments,  “They’re ready to ‘Execute’.  He may be talking about delivery when he says ‘execute’ but that has some sinister subtext for those of us who’ve been paying attention for the last 239 days.  We’ve seen the executive orders, the masks being made mandatory, and the lawyers demanding that the vaccines be made mandatory as well.”

“Look at places like Ireland and China where they have the travel passes.  Now, the pass is dependent on a test. Later, they’ll just roll it over to be dependent on whether you’ve been vaccinated or not.  Davos is openly talking about that with their Common Pass, which is already being used in some airports.  Common Pass has said that right now it’s the test but soon it’ll be the vaccines.  Common sense should tell you where this is going.”

“We’ve been told by our world leader, Bill Gates, since the very beginning of this, ‘you’re not going to get back to your normal life until you have the vaccine.’  They’ve locked you down and they’ll keep you that way until you take the vaccine.  You won’t be able to travel, work, go to school, or shop until you get the vaccine.  This is what your real government is telling you, these people they put up for election are just puppets.”

“This General specializes in logistics.  The next part of the 60 Minutes interview is where they talk about how they’re going to track this.”

Martin: “Will you be able to bang your fist on the table and say, ‘What happened to that shipment that was going to Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore?’”

General Perna: “Yes, and not only that, I’ll know after it gets there how fast they’re administering the doses that they were given.”

Martin then reports,  “Perna’s ability to do that depends on a software program called Tiberius, which is supposed to link databases from across the government and the shipping companies into one unified picture that everyone can see.”

Knight remarks,  “Anything’s possible with the military-industrial complex, they can get you this vaccine without even testing it.  It’s a COVID miracle, they’ve just pronounced it to be 90% effective the day after the media coronation of Joe Biden.  Normally, they’d spend 5 to 10 years testing it and still not know if it is safe or effective but not this time, they don’t have to test this, it’s a miracle.”

“They want to push these vaccines out, they’re not going to wait for the pull of demand.  They’ll push it out then demand to know all the details of who got it and who didn’t.  The Trump fans have been saying ‘it won’t be mandatory’, but it will be.  You better wake up and tell your President to wake up because time is running out.”

60 Minutes reports,  “Persichilli is confident operation warp speed will eventually provide all the vaccine New Jersey needs. But she worries whether enough people will show up to get vaccinated.”

Judith Perisichelli: “We surveyed 2,000 health care individuals, physicians and nurses and we know that over 60% of the physicians said that they would get the vaccine. We know that about 40% of the nurses said that they would line up to get the vaccine.”

Martin: “That sounds awfully low.”

Perisichelli: “Nurses I guess are skeptical.”

Martin: “What does that say about your general population?”

Perisichelli: “There is a lot of vaccine hesitancy.”

“Yeah, we’ve got to overcome the ‘vaccine-hesitancy’ because we’ve got a push model.  40% of doctors and 60% of nurses are ‘vaccine-hesitant’, that’s something they have to overcome.  That’s when they bring in the guys in the blue uniforms, like the militarized police you’ve seen in Victoria.  That’s their solution to ‘vaccine-hesitancy’.”

60 Minutes concluded their report with the question to General Perna,  “What’s your worst nightmare?”

General Perna responded,  “We get vaccines to the American people and they don’t take them. Shame on us. “Hey, I was already sick, I don’t need it.” Shame on us. ‘Hey, I don’t believe in vaccines.’ Shame on us… Just shame on us and it does keep me up at night.”

Yes, shame on you, General.  They’re going to mandate it for people who’ve already had it.  Shame on you General. Shame on President Trump for funding this.  Shame on him for bankrupting this country and putting us in an inescapable debt hole to the central bankers.  Shame on us for staying silent,”  concluded Knight.

See video here: Round Table

6 thoughts on “General Says OperationWarpSpeed Vaccine “Ready to Execute”

  1. Martin: “Do you have doses of vaccine already stockpiled?”

    General Perna: “Yes, we do.”

    Is there anything else anyone needs to know, to let you know that it is all fkn BS and a Hoax…. What was the point of Pfizer and every other fkn scumbag pharma company racing to make an approvable vaccine for………If Ole, Gen. Perna, has one already stockpiled….HMMMMMMM.

  2. “Common Pass has said that right now it’s the test but soon it’ll be the vaccines.”

    They mean “Communist Pass”. Man, they just can’t help themselves with their “common” terminology.

    Also, the “shame on us” line is pure Communism.

    May the general hang for high treason and burn in Hell for his betrayal.

  3. Through Fauci’s scandalous escapades, they way he has got his hands of control of the RX system.. listen to RFK Jr. interview and how they back up everything that Dr Judy Mikovits had exposed, and how he is playing his con .. Even ol Trumpy Boy is getting some schooling from this kike Fauci. Rest assured that he is licking his lips on he palm greasing he’s hoping to make on this one.
    This interview is of the highest importance to watch along with Dr. Judy Mikovits as she goes to jail for exposing Anthony Fauci’s Illegal Gain Of Function Studies. RFK Jr. & David Martin Dive even deeper to this sinister fraud He and Bill Gates The US Government and others, have colluded to do harm to the people of this country and the rest of the world.
    Dr. David Martin’s company “M-CAM” and how he found a way to use intangible assets as collateral security.
    The Bayh-Dole Act that led to Dr. Anthony Fauci profiting from royalti
    The Pentagon as part of Fauci’s price fixing and approving drugs etc. has purchased 500.000.000 vaccines .. yeah five hundred million doses to be used in Trumpy’s Operation Warp Speed.

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