3 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson wins the internet today as he completely ruins a woke liberal reporter in Australia

  1. Tell us Tucker, who’s really orchestrating and advancing the invasion of our country? Oh that’s right, the people who pay you.

    He mentions the war in Ukraine, says he “totally against violence.” No word about Gaza genocide.

    Acts like he’s a champion of liberty. How come he never mentions The Bill of Rights?


  2. That pesty old “Bill OF Rights” thinga maa jig thingee, what ever do you mean? Tucker has a no comment on that like massa done told him. Genocide are these words you speakin of, there’s no war in Ukraine if we don’t have troops dying there we just throw lit matches at the powder keg now git yo facts correct youngin.

    1. Tucker is starting to join that emperor who has no clothes on. Yeah, he’s still wearing his sox and that red Kabbalah bracelet, but everything else is showing. Amusing to picture that in your mind.


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