Twix Pushes LGBT Agenda on Kids with Vile Halloween Video That Will Leave You Sick to Your Stomach

Western Journal – by Christine Favocci

Forget the treats this Halloween — one candy company is doling out sickening woke tricks instead.

Mars, Inc. recently released an ad for its Twix candy bar that pits a cross-dressing little boy and his witch nanny against the world.

The two-minute ad goes full woke in a disturbing scenario that not only endorses the perversion of a little boy via his supportive occult companion but also paints naysayers as enemies to be vanquished.

Libs of Tik Tok shared this stomach-churning advertisement, once again proving the account’s bona fides as the depository for the glut of cultural rot spewing daily from the left.

The “Bite-Size Halloween” ad begins with a little boy wearing a purple princess dress playing with dolls in his living room.

His doorbell rings, and he opens the door to find a black-clad witch who tells him she’s the “new nanny.”

The witch and the transvestite boy then venture out into the world, and what comes next is a modern-day leftist morality play with a disturbing ending.

The gender-confused boy is first confronted by little girls who ridicule him for being in costume when it isn’t Halloween (correct) followed by a boy in a cape who tells him “boys don’t wear dresses” (right again) before calling both the dress-clad boy and his nanny “weird” (give Cape Boy a candy bar for another accurate statement).

The angry witch then summons the wind to banish Cape Boy — with the implication that it may be forever — as the boy princess and his evil protector walk off hand-in-hand, confident that anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly support the corruption and perversion of a child will be banished for such dissent.

This ad is problematic right out of the gate for its normalization of deviant behavior, though it’s no surprise coming from the Mars company.

news release from the company regarding Pride Month reads like a Mad-Libs essay where only leftist buzzwords are permissible choices to fill in the blanks.

Like many major companies joining the crusade against decency, Mars has adopted the language of the far-left, intent on following the pride rainbow straight to its pot of profit gold.

One of the topics the company’s release touched on was the rationale for whitewashing the brightly colored Skittles candy as a nod to the sexual perversion agenda that happens each June.

“This year for Pride Month, SKITTLES® gave up its signature rainbow by removing its iconic colorful branding to celebrate pride and the LGBTQ+ community and highlight that during Pride, only #OneRainbow is important,” the company explained.

But more troubling than the agenda the ad endorses is the way it deals with the other children who object to the boy’s gender-bending behavior.

The witch nanny acts as sort of a dark inversion of a guardian angel for the boy, using her violent behavior to punish anyone who dares tell the truth to insulate him from the ridicule and shame that wearing a dress in public would predictably draw from other children.

And though Cape Boy’s delivery leaves something to be desired, he accidentally performs the important function of speaking for those who recognize the social norms that are being violated by such a display.

Of course, the way he’s treated turns back on the average viewers — who no doubt instinctively sympathize with Cape Boy — as a force to be snuffed out as the only way to protect boys who crossdress.

In a sane world, a little boy in a dress would be pitied for having warped sensibilities, not protected and encouraged in his self-destructive behavior and certainly not held out as an example to promote a candy bar.

But this isn’t a sane world. This is an increasingly godless society where liberalism has run amok and where logic has been replaced by emotionality that exalts feelings over truth.

Twix is just the latest in a long line of products to be co-opted to fight the left’s battle against decency. Maybe it’s fitting, then, that the candy’s main ad campaign involves encouraging people to choose which candy bar in the twin pack — the left and the right — they like better.

But the real choice here isn’t between left or right or even trick or treat — the choice in accepting woke perversion is really a decision between good and evil.

Western Journal

7 thoughts on “Twix Pushes LGBT Agenda on Kids with Vile Halloween Video That Will Leave You Sick to Your Stomach

  1. Wow….I’m totally living in the Twilight Zone…… Reality is completely backwards and upside down in this video.

    Thank you Twix. I will officially stop buying and eating your product now. I’m pretty sure Mars candy’s stock will go down now after this. But what do you expect from a company owned by the elites. As they say, “Go woke, go broke”.

  2. They’re so delusional they believe that being a paedophile sodomite somehow endows you with superpowers.

    And a “good” witch? No such thing. Do not be deceived.

    I have noticed they have been aligning sodomy and the “woke” brigade with having “superpowers”, but comic book stuff is just another kike creation, like superman.

    This is why we can’t have nice things, because they’ve stolen it all and perverted it with their satan worshipping B.S..

    Top it off with “mars” being the god of war and death, it’s no surprise there.

    1. Yeah, and all directed at children whose bright and new minds are being led through perversion into the grotesque and macabre. And the thing that really struck me was toward the end where a normal little boy shows up questioning the oddity, and then the witch violently blows him away, as the two others walk off into “Happily Ever After.” They’re blatantly sending the message to children: “Live as we live or suffer horrible consequences.”


  3. Problem is, most Mexicans, South Americans are highly religious by a majority. It is their culture, So all this Queer shit propaganda will not sit well with them, watch if you don’t see this pulled or replaced with a Westernized version….

    Either way, the system is going 100% with the well understood countdown agenda for destruction of a Country and its Society and then utilizing the well tested methods to install Socialism/Communism…

    My guess is, they know it won’t come to fruition (because not a single real shot has even been fired yet) which is why we are seeing all the foreign war saber rattling and propaganda….

    Must really freak them out……They gonna have to stage some shit soon…

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