U.S. govt: Foreigners with risk of Ebola are safe to cross the border, but unvaccinated U.S. children are a threat to public health

EbolaNatural News – by Mike Adams

Right now is the perfect time to point out the gross contradiction in the U.S. government’s policies on supposedly preventing the spread of communicable disease. Across the board, children who are unvaccinated against diseases that don’t even exist in America anymore – such as polio — are loudly condemned as “a threat to public health” and often barred from attending public school.

The logic goes like this: An unvaccinated child might easily catch polio and then spread it to other children. Therefore, that child should be barred from attending public school.  

But all the logic gets reversed when it comes to ebola and the U.S. southern border. Suddenly, anyone who says the border should be controlled so that ebola-infected illegal immigrants can’t enter the United States are called “alarmists” or “racists.” Apparently, the idea that an ebola-infected illegal alien might expose others to ebola is now politically incorrect.

Never mind the fact that border agents are catching border crossers who recently came from ebola-infected countries. As reported by Top Right News: [1]

Agents are reporting that they have caught hundreds of illegal aliens crossing our Southern border from African Ebola “hot zones” over the past several months, the majority of them from Liberia… DHS figures indicate that 112 individuals were caught illegally crossing into the United States from Guinea, 231 from Liberia, and another 145 from Sierra Leone, the three Ebola “hot spots”. This represents a 95% increase over 2013, before the Ebola crisis heated up.

Ebola is now more common in America than polio

What’s even more fascinating about all this is that ebola is now more common in America than polio! There hasn’t been a single case of polio since the late 1970’s, yet health authorities push polio vaccines with a kind of frantic paranoia that, for some reason, is utterly abandoned the moment we talk about communicable diseases marching into the United States across our open borders.

In summary, the outlandish official position on all this from the U.S. government is as follows:

• Children who are not vaccinated against diseases that don’t even exist in American — such as polio — should be barred from attending public school, but potential carriers of ebola and other diseases should be welcomed to illegally enter the country regardless of what infectious diseases they carry.

• An illegal alien child with a communicable disease shall be called a “refugee.” But an American child with a communicable disease shall be called “a threat to public health.”

• U.S. citizens who carry disease should be isolated from others, but non-U.S. citizens who enter the country illegally shall be transported by the government to be deposited on the streets in large U.S. cities across the country.

Rick Perry, Judge Jeanine both call out the stupidity of the federal government’s policies

Just today, Texas Governor Rick Perry called for “fully staffed quarantine stations” at all points where people enter the country. As CNN reports: [2]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday called for the federal government to enhance screening procedures at points of entry into the United States to check if someone might have Ebola. The procedures would include gathering more information about people coming from affected areas and, perhaps, taking temperatures, he said.

Check out what Judge Jeanine Pirro says about all this in the following stunning video. (Is Judge Jeanine channeling the Health Ranger?)

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047149_ebola_outbreak_illegal_immigration_public_health.html#ixzz3FQ4tc7kP

2 thoughts on “U.S. govt: Foreigners with risk of Ebola are safe to cross the border, but unvaccinated U.S. children are a threat to public health

  1. “U.S. govt: Foreigners with risk of Ebola are safe to cross the border, but unvaccinated U.S. children are a threat to public health”

    Bahahaha!!! That sounds like our insane government for ya! 🙄

  2. It moves the overall “agenda” forward. Maybe directly, indirectly or it’s a diversion.
    Maybe they intend it to conquer the “demographic problem” that all Westernized countries are facing…too many old people. Nah! That wouldn’t enrich the elite (unless they’re into pharmaceuticals and “health” care) but might have some peripheral benefit for the citizens. Im not buying that. They’re too psychopathic for that. They would prefer to kill us off early.
    It sure will make the NAUnion easier to implement. They’ll make money off of that. Cheap free mobile excess labor to drive costs down and a free hand to extract and distribute resources globally without consequence.
    It sure seems designed, at the minimum, to cause resentment towards these immigrants. But that happened with the Chinese, the Irish, the Italians, etc. Eventually, they are absorbed as normal. Usually the second generation, at the earliest.
    But, if they push yoo fast, maybe violent race wars are triggered to lower the overall population or implement martial law?
    You know, divide and conquer.

    I don’t know how to show links, but please, please go to YouTube and type in “Prodigal Son – The Origin of Mr Burns”.
    Watch it. It took me several times to really absorb all of the sick agenda revealed in that video. Watch it until you get the real messages…even if you hated that show. Please.
    These f**kers want to “commoditize” everything (including human life) AND be able to move them around freely. If you control everything and everyone, then every single commodity will be “rigged” in their favor.
    Sovereign countries impede that. Goodbye Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    The “elite” have one and only one economic model, and it requires continued growth. That is physically impossible. So, eventually, when it becomes unsustainable, they will start over. It’s all they know how to do.
    Remember, the Georgia guidestones? They’re basically bullshit BUT that (killing 6+ billion people to get down to < 500 million) would be a restart.

    The people who are allowing these people into our country, without screening for disease or tracking ability, are traitors.
    Straight Up. The penalty for high treason is…The Big Sleep.
    I think that's the exact Constitutional wording, but I'll need to check that.

    PS: I'm driving from Texas to Oregon. I just packed and left. I didn't ask anybody's permission. Every time I take this trip, I worry it will be the last time I can do that without getting permission…or at least being severely hassled along the way.
    And I seriously hate these motherf**kers for causing me to entertain that thought.

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