Unbebiebable! MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA LIVE to report… Justin Bieber

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A US government privacy board dubs the NSA’s phone calls hoarding illegal and calls to shut… wait, it’s Justin Bieber. And so the Congresswoman being interviewed was dumped mid-sentence to report the “breaking news” of Bieber’s DUI arrest.

On Thursday, the MSNBC put out a report by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) slamming NSA hoarding of phone data, calling it ‘illegal.’ The privacy watchdog, established by US Congress in 2004, also urged President Barack Obama to end the NSA surveillance program.  

Congresswoman Jane Harman was called in to discuss the recommendation of the US government privacy watchdog. But as Harman got round to urging Congress to “seriously consider discontinuing section 215”, matters of national importance were put aside.

…We’ve got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will. Right now in Miami Justin Bieber has been arrested on a number of charges,” announced Andrea Mitchell, the MSNBC news anchor, interrupting the congresswoman.

Matters of international importance were promptly shelved, in a brouhaha surrounding the pop star, who was said to have been charged with driving under the influence, driving with an expired license, resisting arrest with a possibility of facing up to six months in jail. If you were Congresswoman Harman, would you stand by?


4 thoughts on “Unbebiebable! MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA LIVE to report… Justin Bieber

  1. WHO GIVES A F**K ABOUT JUSTINE BEIBER!!!!??? She’s a girl in a boy’s body just like Barry. And like Barry, she contributes nothing but a distraction to society and has nothing to offer but her confused sexual disorientation.

    So shut the hell up, as the Congresswoman’s is speaking about something of utmost significance and her statement is way beyond more important than JUSTINE BEANIE BABY!!

    MSNBC can enjoy even lower ratings, as I continue to give them, in tribute to Siskel and Ebert, “two middle fingers up!”

  2. When U.S. Marines are asked during an inspection who their Congressman is the marine reply’s “the honorable Alan Grayson” or “the honorable John McCain” now we have media goofballs cutting off Congresswomen in mid sentence to see Justin Bieber’s mug shot. It’s a disgrace how low this country has fallen.

  3. Yeah, & it’s how low the AP continues to control the News, the same thing happened on Fox with Greta Vansusterin along with corner back of the Seahawks Richard Sherman interview after the game last Sun..

    Once again it is the same stockholders of the Federal Reserve that own & control the news & the AP…..Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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