Arizona’s Build the Border Fence Project Suffering News Blackout

The Arizona’s Build the Border Fence project raised $80,000 in its first two days.  I cannot say what it has done since then as it would seem the issue has been taken out of the news index from the mainstream to the internet.  The last article I wrote on this subject was not indexed in the news by Google.  I think we are seeing a C-change in the information world wherein the truth is now considered non-news.  Of course it is not news to us that the news being indexed is more lies than not.

I have also seen an upswing in the propaganda designed to push the false assertion that the illegal aliens coming across our southern border are not taking US jobs, as our unemployment rate continues to spiral out of control.  Some propagandists are trying to put forth the notion that we need more illegal aliens, especially in places like Georgia where it is said they need the illegals to pick peaches.  The fact is there are no illegals in Georgia to pick peaches because the people of Georgia have passed tough new laws designed to counteract the failure of the federal government to enforce federal law.

What this whole scenario should be telling the American people is that the corporate farms in Georgia have been knowingly running illegal operations using illegal foreign labor for the past twenty years.  And truly I’d like to know where the notion, that an American hand is not capable of picking a peach, came from.

For the past two hundred years Americans of every descent have toiled in the fields and orchards, picking everything from peaches to cotton.  And as depicted in the Grapes of Wrath, it was the opportunity to do so that saved a many American family fleeing the dust bowl from starving to death.  The assertion that hungry Americans will not labor in the fields is a lie.

You see the problem is if Americans work for these corporate farmers, state and federal taxes and social Security must be paid in.  The corporations would have to pay $15 an hour to the legal citizen before he or she could receive the $10 an hour previously paid to the illegal who pays no state or federal taxes or Social Security.  This is just another example of the mainstream trying to push a scenario wherein the corporations are somehow being abused in being forced to operate within the same system that the rest of us have to.

Again, the illegal invasion is nothing short of a corporate sponsored insurgency designed to bring the standard of living in the United States down to the point that our people are working in a condition of indentured servitude.  We must continue to spread the word to donate to the Arizona’s Build the Border Fence project, even if we are reduced to doing so by word of mouth.  Remember the corporations who want to destroy our standard of living and utterly enslave us control all media at the top levels.

It is more important now than ever that we unite in our cause and throw the totality of our support behind the people of Arizona.

0 thoughts on “Arizona’s Build the Border Fence Project Suffering News Blackout

  1. The media is giving all of it’s attention to gay marriage . We truly have gone straight to the abyss media BS. Complete and utter insanity, or should I say a new propaganda low.

    1. Brian Sargeant,

      A suggestion:

      Try proof reading your posts. Although your thoughts are good you are failing to express them in a comprehensible language format. You come off as illiterate and incapable of writing anything clearly. That only makes us all look stupid.

      Not good! Think about it. Did you complete only the 4th grade? Try to grow your mind. Have you ever tried reading? Are you mentally disabled? If so I apologize and commend you for your effort.

      Work on it.

      1. Brian…….. Brian is Brian, so leave him the fuck alone. Are you living out on the street ? Well, Brian is. The only person looking stupid is you, for criticizing a brother in arms. What’s gonna happen when the shit hits the fan ? You gonna be a sideline critic, while people like Henry, Brian ,and me are blowin’ these fuckers away ? Get real, brother. It’s game time. Pickin’ pepper outta nat shit is history. I’ve never met them, but I love Henry, Brian, Mark, Rick, Rachel, and the others, like brothers and sisters. The only truth I’ve seen or read in 3 years, is on this website. I’m sure you’ll have a nasty reply for me, but if it makes you feel better, go for it. I’m just saying how I feel. God Bless you , Brian Sargeant !

        1. thanks clark i hope brian contacts me it’s easier to insult someone when there not face to face with you. please brian leave me your adress and phone you little pissant i wish i could put my hands through this computer and rip brians throat out

      2. hey brian go fuck yourself graduated from high school.and did a year in college why dont you tell me where you live so i can knock your teeth down your throat you fuckin little scumbag i didn’t know i was being graded on my writing so if you have something else to say leave your phone# and adress and i will pop bye if you gotta sack

      3. hey brian you are a little pussy please let me know where you live and you can repeat it to my face .you want an enemy you have one now live around connecticut let me know proff read this asshole

  2. Gentlemen,
    This discourse it out of line.

    Brian, I have to believe you are having a particularly shitty day and felt a need to share your misery. Brother, your attack on Brian Sargeant is misplaced aggression. We have plenty of enemies who are well deserving of any insult you’d care to levy. Brian Sargeant is my brother and is your brother as every man and woman who is willing to step forth and declare themselves for our Republic and Constitution are our brothers and sisters. Our country is littered with educated fools who can convey a thought through the pen without error, and the fact is it is these very educated fools that have led us down the path of destruction we are presently on through their lack of common sense. From the Trenches belongs to the patriots who come here, each and every one of them.

    Brian Sargeant, I know Brian. I converse with him away from this site. He is a good man, but like the rest of us is under a lot of pressure. I offer no excuse for his unwarranted attack upon your person. If we were not currently in cyberspace I would suggest that the two of you shake hands and put this behind you. It is our common enemy that we must direct our anger towards.

    Brian Sargeant, you are my brother and this site is as much your site as anybody’s.

    Brian, I don’t know what caused you to lash out at Brian Sargeant, but if grammar is that important to you, maybe you would like me to start editing the comments for grammatical errors. You know I have the time to do it.

    People, this is nonsense. One more incident like this and I swear to God I’ll make the lot of you come on Skype and sing the Barney Song.

    1. Excellent intervention, Henry. We’re All at the end of our ropes, but we can’t take it out on each other.

    2. Let’s not get started on grammar, Henry has had to edit every one of my articles. I could barely put a sentence together before i was asked to write here. I would be laughed out of the site, If you guys saw some of the garbage I submitted and had to have re-written.

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