USA Today Scoop: AR-15s Can Be Modified with ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

USA Today released a video showing that available modifications for an “AR-15 style rifle” include a “Chainsaw Bayonet.” They also listed adding a pump shotgun attachment to the underside of the gun.

The video was clearly part of the establishment media’s concerted effort to demonize AR-15s by suggesting they are semiautomatics that can be modified into all out war machines. 

The video begins with an image of a basic AR-15 rifle captioned, “Texas Church Gunman’s AR-15 Style Rifle.” The video then proceeds to list possible modifications, including items that were either one-offs or prototypical. USA Today listed so many that they had to follow the video with a disclaimer stating, “To clarify, the video shows both the shooter’s modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.”

USA Today was mocked relentlessly for posting the video.

One Twitter user sarcastically suggested the possibility of adding a “chainsaw bayonet” with a second AR-15 attached to the bottom of it:

Another Twitter user suggested the possibility of AR-15 with a pizza cutter attached, to help with dinner preparation:

Another simply made fun of Democrats and their surrogates for pushing legislation on guns and other things that they “know nothing about”:

The video was released on the same day that Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Democrats introduced gun control legislation to ban “assault weapons” and bump stock accessories.

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5 thoughts on “USA Today Scoop: AR-15s Can Be Modified with ‘Chainsaw Bayonet’

  1. Mine has a midget launcher and an 7 position telescopic stock. Oh and a single point sling. Mine even detaches from the lower so I can use a really effective caliber depending on my game of choice and distance.

    The midget launcher is my favorite though.

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