Verdict in Ghislaine Maxwell Trial “Highly Likely” by Wednesday – Source: Maxwell Threatening to Start “Naming Names”

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Almost three years after Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death while in jail for his arrest on child sex-trafficking charges, the federal criminal trial of Ghislaine Maxwell – his confidante and apparent partner who would help him find, groom, and abuse young girls – should be coming to an end this week, with each side set to present their closing arguments on Monday

Due to the Manhattan court’s planned Christmas break that begins on Thursday, Jury deliberations are expected to be quick, with a high likelihood that a verdict will be reached by Wednesday in order to resolve the case and avoid the delay.

A legal source connected with the case claims that if Maxwell is found guilty of her charges, she plans to “start naming names” in order to try and secure a lesser sentence.

She has been charged with six felony counts related to child sex trafficking and faces a maximum of 70 years and potential suicide in a jail cell if convicted.

Up until now, Maxwell has remained silent and denied all involvement in Epstein’s sick crimes. Has the prospect of finally facing the music and seeing accountability finally enabled her to tell the truth? Or is this a veiled “I go down, you’re coming with me” threat towards the incredibly powerful elites who ran in Epstein’s circle? 

It will be very curious to see what the jury decides.

From the Daily Mail:

“Maxwell, 59, denies all six charges linked to grooming underage girls for abuse by the late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. However, the source said if she is convicted – and facing up to 70 years in prison – she might co-operate with the US Government in exchange for a reduced sentence or better jail conditions.

This could be bad news for Prince Andrew and other high-profile men who hung out with Ghislaine and Jeffrey Epstein,’ the source said.

‘It is possible she will begin to co-operate and tell what she knows in an attempt to lessen her jail term. We know that prosecutors are looking at other co-conspirators in connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring.

Ghislaine undoubtedly possesses information which could assist prosecutors in other cases. If she decides to co-operate, her testimony could be devastating. She was Epstein’s right-hand woman for years, imagine what she knows?’

The evidence that has been presented at trial against Maxwell throughout the past three weeks has seemingly been damning for her innocence – and that’s even without the supposedly “missing” evidence that was collected by the FBI out of a safe in Epstein’s New York home.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial: Evidence from Jeffrey Epstein’s Safe Went Missing Following FBI Raid

Several witnesses have testified that Maxwell was not only the main recruiter for Epstein’s perverted operation but was also an active contributor and participant in the actual abuse of underage girls.

One victim said she was “frozen in fear” by Epstein and Maxwell throughout the time they were abusing her, which started when she was just 14.

From age 14 through 16, the victim, only known as Jane, traveled on the infamous “Lolita Express” (Epstein’s private jet) “about ten times” with Epstein and Maxwell to his homes in NYC and New Mexico, where she was sexually abused by the couple each time.

“I Was Frozen In Fear:” Epstein Victim Testifies That Ghislaine Maxwell Was Present and Participated in Sex Abuse – Heiress Allegedly Began Grooming Victim Starting at 14

Let’s just say, this jury should be very  hard-pressed to find Maxwell innocent on all charges and keep her from “naming names” as she apparently claims she will.

Either way, if the jury finds her guilty or not, the Epstein saga is a long way from over.

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  1. If they don’t name all the “customers” than what’s the dam point ?
    yeah “Johns” get arrested and exposed go on trial etc.,,why not now?
    other than to prosecute one for the crimes of many , and allowing the actual actors of the crimes to go unpunished

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