Videos on the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the LaVoy Finicim MURDER

Published on Oct 17, 2016 by Leo Stratton

10-16-16 Portland Or, City Hall, Laz and Shawna Cox present newly uncovered evidence of the co-conspiritors in the murder of LaVoy Finicim Hedge Funds, greed, power, its all exposed here in this, part 1 of this series

Published on Oct 18, 2016 by Leo Stratton

10-16-16 Portland Or, City Hall, this is part 2 of “new evidence Lavoy Finicim murderers” Laz and Shawna disclose documents and information with details pertaining to purchase of land for 10 $/ acre, the Bentz Family and their corruption, and the many Officials benifiting from the theft of our land, liberty, and freedoms.

Published on Oct 18, 2016 by Leo Stratton

10-16-16 Portland Or, City Hall, previously in videos 1 and 2 Laz and Shawna present the newly discovered documents pointing to the monetary gains, via hedge funds, executive orders, and other means that led to the land seizure of innocent ranchers, and the murder of LaVoy Finicim, this further explains details.

Published on Apr 20, 2016 by Leo Stratton

4-20-2016 you are watching video 4 the conclusion to the “BOMBSHELL” videos, as i was filming a Stand with LaVoy Finicim and our Patriots event in Portland Or, in front of the Federal Courthouse where many of the individuals from the Compound near Burns Oregon are being held without bail, i filmed an individual with a very powerful message, i posted it to my channel and it became popular, He contacted me because he was flattered, and subsequently invited me among the inner circle of Patriots joining him to expose the documents he has tirelessly gathered to implicate the true villains and exonerate the ranchers and other individuals simply trying to make an honest living

Published on Oct 18, 2016 by Leo Stratton

10-16-16 Portland Or, City Hall, as the first 3 videos in this series state, LaVoy Finicim was assassinated to cover up the greed and wealth grab by Politicians who make their own laws, and believe they are aboe guilt, Laz and Shawna’s intent is to present documents that prove beyond a reasonable doubt, their collusion destroy many Families lives and to make sure it does not continue.

Pacific Crest Trail Association – Preserving, Protecting and Promoting Proxy  Highlight

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the best trail experiences on Earth. We’re on a mission to protect it forever. Join us.

Western Oregon Plan Revision Final EIS Archive Oregon … If you would like to download the entire document please use the links below. It might take a significant amount of time to download each volume. The following …

  the oregon benchmarks changing systems by – News Home – PSU… Proxy  Highlight

what was really involved in the Oregon Benchmark system? What were the major elements? How was the public involved in setting them? What was the …

KGHM Ajax Mining Proxy  Highlight

KGHM Ajax Mining submitted its application for an environmental certificate ( Application/EIS) for the Ajax Project to the provincial and federal governments on  …

The shocking story of Ajax Mine | National Observer… Proxy  Highlight

May 2, 2016 … KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. wants to remove water from the lake, he explained, route it around the mine site and divert it into a new Peterson Creek …

7 thoughts on “Videos on the Pacific Crest Trail Association and the LaVoy Finicim MURDER

  1. He did a great job in his research. I watched the rest of his series. One thing he shows is how these trail systems like the PCT are just giant “National Monument” areas. One day, the spandex clad, granola eating yuppies with Keep Tahoe Blue and World Wildlife Fund bumper stickers on their Beemer will be surprised when their pristine wildlife areas are off limit because Agenda 21 private corporate stakeholders have staked their claim. At least they’ll still will have the “green space and biking trail next to their stack and pack to take the kids for a stroll instead. Idiots.

    1. I remember a comment from Henry, the other night, saying “…we’re tired and working with 1/2 a brain between us…” (paraphrasing, I don’t remember the exact quote). I’m sure it will be “remedied” in the morning.
      It’s the weekend… LOL 😀 😉

      1. Laura’s a Sweetheart; only human and it’s No Biggie … we all make mistakes (please don’t start counting mine) Teee heeee;~)

  2. These are the links that need to be exposed. They not only show collusion between the ‘elected’ and ‘appointed’ government and corporations, but they show how they are all owned by, invested in, and profiting from each other. This disclosure implicates all levels of government, banks, and corporations and shows how they act above the law, openly steal land, resources, money and even our lives to further their perverted agenda of wealth and power. They create committees who write bills, pass laws, to enrich each other through the sale of property that they do not own. They see the land, the water, and even the air we breath as commodities to be bought and sold for profit. They pass laws giving themselves the right to exploit the natural resources of the planet which they have no right to claim ownership of. They even go so far as to charge us and tax us for using earth’s resources – that they have no ownership of.
    This is bigger than Hillay’s corruption and criminal behavior. It is the nail in her coffin – yes, but it opens the door for criminal prosecution of everyone who holds office that used their position to profit.
    Just compare the annual salary for each position and then look at their tax returns and ask how they became wealthy – multi-millions, billions, trillions do not come from government salaries! Follow the money to find the links to their corruption.
    Wow! What a great disclosure this was! This IS the truth that will unite the people to take back their sovereignty.
    The Bundy’s must be freed. These charges must be heard and this system of corruption must be brought to light for all too see and understand. Every system of governance is corrupted by those who hord wealth and exercise power.
    After so many generations of corruption, all of our institutions – education, science, medicine, justice, our economy, our religions and morality, our safety, all have been negotiated to be bought and sold for profit by people who place money and power above human lives.
    We MUST take our lives back and we must then be the beacons for peace on this planet – like we always were destined to be.
    We must govern ourselves

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