Violence Escalates in Egypt

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Egyptian diplomat, Mohamed Elbaradei, returned to his home town of Cairo to participate in a mass demonstration scheduled for today.  Elbaradei is expected to spearhead the demonstrations aimed at ousting Egyptian President Mubarack in a peaceful manner.

It is being rumored that Mubarack has fled to England as the battle in the streets of Cairo intensifies.  Apparently the police are now shooting live rounds at the citizens.  At present it is reported that five citizens have been killed and numerous injured.  To date 860 protesters have been “rounded up”.  I love the way they talk about people as if they were cattle. 

Though Mubarack is identified as the President of Egypt the fact is he has been their dictator for the past thirty years and has been oppressing the people of Egypt and looting their economy right down the line.

It is reported that the protesters at present have the streets afire with burning tires, are throwing Molotov cocktails at government buildings, and are fighting the riot police.  Gun restrictions in Egypt only allow for citizens to own and possess handguns so they are at a disadvantage in facing the government goons and their combat rifles with high capacity clips.  I would wager that if the Egyptian people are successful at ousting their government they will change their gun laws and never again allow their government to out-arm them.

Of course the government of the United States is a close ally of the dictator Mubarack, leading Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to call the situation “an opportunity for the Egyptian government to address the needs of the Egyptian people.”  I think what the Egyptian people want is a new government that is not in bed with the corrupt criminals that run ours.

Ironically the government has tried to ban all gatherings, which I think they are finding hard to do in the middle of the street riots.  One police vehicle was attacked and had its windows smashed.  I guess those people weren’t complying.

Elections are scheduled for September but it seems the people do not like the idea of Mubarack setting his son up for a hereditary succession of power.  I wonder if the Mubaracks are related to the Bush family.

All in all it would seem that the people of Egypt have a rough road ahead of them.  My God guide and protect them and may they find freedom and liberty.

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