Whistleblower Reveals Underwear Bomber as Government Operation

This newscast occured early today on a Fox News Broadcast.  The local Fox reporter interviewed one of two lawyers that were on the flight with the Underwear Bomber.  This clip was broadcast one time in the early hours of the morning. 

Remember, the Underwear Bomber was the excuse for the body scanners and pat downs in the airports.

0 thoughts on “Whistleblower Reveals Underwear Bomber as Government Operation

  1. Henry,

    Great find,

    These lawyers ought to be commended for doing the right thing here. They saw something hinky and stepped up to the plate. Wish more Americans had the balls to do such things. If so, maybe we could start to return this country back to a lawfull authority.. Great story…

    1. Mark, When the underwear bombing first occurred its final destination was Detroit. From what I hear there were a lot of local people who were on that plane and told the same story to local reporters back when the incident first happened. A lot of people have downloaded the youtube video as it is expected to disappear from youtube at any time. The main question most intelligent people are asking is, “Is the ticket agent that tried to stop him from getting on the plane still alive? And if so will she be testifying at the trial?”

      1. Maybe Mike D. would like to do a little research for us, and try and find out where the hell she is? LOL

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