Violence Spreads to Egypt

It would seem that the violence sparked in Tunisia which caused the overthrow of that government has spread into Egypt as thousands take to the streets to demand that their government step down.  An Egyptian airport intercepted tens of millions of dollars worth of gold destined for the Netherlands.  Apparently the Egyptian government was attempting to follow the lead of the Tunisian government in perpetrating one last theft on their way out.  It has not been widely reported but the Tunisian government did take tens of millions of gold with them when they left.

In numbers that have not been seen since the seventies Egyptians have taken to the streets of Cairo, shouting slogans directed against the police, the interior minister and the government,  So far the violence has been kept to rocks being thrown by the protesters and tear gas canisters being thrown by the police.  The fall of the government may be a foregone conclusion as the theft of the gold was being planned weeks ago.

Is there any country left on the planet where the government is not trying to steal every last resource and run off to the Netherlands?  Maybe there is going to be a world revolution, only not the one the Illuminati has planned on.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the whole world rise up through a document like our Declaration of Independence?

Think what a place this planet could be, with every sovereign country self governed as a free republic.  But then the United States would, of course, have to join in as our Constitution is in its death throes as we speak.  I would love to see the day when the international makers of misery were on the run, with no place in the world to hide.  I think the people of the world are about due for a dream to come true as a reward for patiently suffering through the nightmare of the last thirty years.

It is good to see the people of Egypt, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, taking their den of thieves to task, if God would only give us Americans the strength to follow suit.  A couple of generations with the people of the world putting an emphasis on construction rather than destruction could quite possibly give us a Heaven on Earth.

God bless the world and show us the way.

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