The Sorry State of the Union

Well the State of the Union Address turned out to be nothing more than another campaign speech full of half-hearted promises, many of which we have already heard.  And of course, no mention of the 99ers, though there did seem to be a few issues which all seemed to support.

One issue that got the thumbs up was more corporate tax cuts.  Of course we all realize that when corporate tax cuts are doled out the Chinese companies in America benefit and as China is a communist dictatorship; all business in China is the property of the Chinese government.  Hence corporate tax cuts in America equal more money for the Chinese government.

Another issue that was received well involves restructuring the tax code, which in reality means the flat tax.  For all who would say that that is really not a bad idea, think about it this way.  If the rich corporate controlled Congress supports a tax restructuring, that means the rich pay less and the poor pay more.

The other issue that seemed to be quite popular was tort reform for medical malpractice suits.  Again, this is designed to further enrich the filthy rich insurance companies at the expense of the American citizen.  By what right should our government ever set a price on our lives and limbs when they are lost through incompetence?

Right around 100,000 people are killed by medical professionals every year.  You see it on the news all the time, the wrong drugs given, charts mixed up, and even the wrong body part removed.  Now how do you think it would be if there were limits on the amount a person could recover for damages caused by the blatant negligence of a doctor?

The insurance companies have always wanted the perfect scenario wherein everyone is forced to pay in to them and they pay nothing out.  The insurance companies have a powerful lobby.  This is why we as supposedly free individuals are told like children that we will wear that motorcycle helmet and that seat belt.  In most states automobile insurance is mandatory and if you get hurt in an auto accident you had better be ready for a few years of litigation before you see one dime of compensation for your injuries.  The insurance companies literally spit on the citizen’s right to a fair and speedy trial.

Obama is not only a liar, he is a poor liar.  The speech he gave was written by others and in the end he did nothing but put on a performance like any other actor.  Obama and company are the lowest of the low.  They are the kind of people that would look at the death of a nine year old child as a good thing as it gave them three more points in the polls and furthered their agenda.

I think we can expect more speeches designed for nothing more than stalling.  Think about it, we are literally going down the tube and the bat eared bastard Soetoro is doing nothing more than telling another pack of lies out on the campaign trail.

99ers you had better wake up and smell the coffee and see that the powers that be are going to continue to ignore you until you are up in their faces.





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  1. I see you got the same thing out of the State of the Union Address as I did. Probably more, since I don’t understand everything. I was really shocked that the word 99ers did not come out of his mouth. I think that was the final nail in the coffin for me. 99ers you better be listening.

    I know quite a bit about medical malpractice and how surgeons and doctors cover for each other. To everyone of you that reads this — never leave your loved one in a hospital alone. If they are admitted, stay with them. The hospital my husband was in almost killed him. I have horror stories you would never believe. I went to the hospital everyday for 5 months. He was 2 days away from going home from the heart surgery when the doctor noticed his leg was a little swollen and decided to keep him 2 more days. Due to their negligence, both doctors and nurses, his 2 week surgery turned into 5 months. Please tell everyone you know to never leave them alone.

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