99ers – the Weakest of the Weak

In checking the Congressional docket I see no mention of HR 6556 which would give 99ers 14 more weeks of unemployment benefits.  Again the only thing being mentioned is more corporate tax cuts and incentives.  The unemployed are 20 million strong or more accurately 20 million weak.  For those of you who still will not accept the reality that the baby boomers were singled out for culling from the work force and comprise the majority of the 99ers, I have a question for you.

Granting the reality of the fact that the 99ers are unorganized tell me this, do our so called representatives not realize that organized or not, as individuals we are going to vote them out of office for no other reason than they have ignored our plight?  Think about it, we represent 20 million votes.  When in the history of our nation has 20 million voters been totally ignored?  The answer is never.

Considering the fact that they do know we exist, why are they ignoring us?  Logic would have to dictate that in their mind’s eye our vote is no threat to them.  Consider this hypothesis.  In all the government computers across the nation the 99ers have had a special code attached to their social security number which removes their right to vote.  When the ballots are counted they would be cross referenced and all 99er votes removed from the count.  And even if they announced that they were doing so, what the hell, the 99ers would just take it, like they’ve taken everything else up to date.

I have seen 99ers come on to the comment board and say all we are doing is talking about it, but offering no solutions.  That is why I have been categorizing the solutions I have devised at the end of every article.  These are Change your voter affiliation to non-partisan, make dossiers of your Hometown Corporate Mafia, the Nationwide Rally for Extension of Unemployment Insurance, and the Easter Project.  I even went as far as to contact Gregg Rosen of the American 99ers Union in an effort to get every 99er site involved.  Of course there was no response, but then again I haven’t had to endure anyone pissing and moaning on the site for solutions.

The sad fact is the majority of the 99ers are institutionalized into the system.  If a government official put a plate full of feces out on the sidewalk with a sign that said, “Every 99er eat one spoonful by order of the government”, 99.9% would comply.  The fact is the filthy rich have stolen your retirement pensions, equity in your homes, and your savings accounts.  And you know what?  You’ve done nothing but cry, while they’ve been rubbing your nose in it.

It is no wonder the Mexicans and Chinese think they can come into our country and take what they want.  If the 99ers are any indication of America’s strength, hell any third world country could sack us with ease.

Who knows, maybe Gregg Rosen may finally coax your cowardly asses out into the streets to take the beatings for the real unions and reestablish union power in the United States through your pain, which is nothing less than what you deserve.  Except for a few on this very site the 99ers are a pack of yellow ass cowards who readily lick the boots that kick them.

Well that was a mouthful, so I guess I’ll just sit back and watch for your sniveling comments.  And oh yeah, your grandchildren will be pissing on your graves and cursing you for the cowards you are.

God help America, land of the weak and home of the slave.





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  1. The US, and indeed the world, is moving on without the 99ers. There will be no riots, uprising, or revolution. Game over!!!

    1. Mike D.,
      It may take more deprivation to get a fire burning in the bellies of the 99ers but I promise you it has only just begun. Once it gets moving, God pity the stupid son of a bitch that gets in the way.

      1. You go Henry. I will fight right beside and with you till the last breath has left my body, and to hell with Mikey D. There are now more pissed off 99er’s than ever before. Word is out. Better late than never I guess.
        As you said, Pity the fool!! Lets get going!!!!

      2. er weakhenry i read your website daily, and i thank you for trying to help the 99ers, But do not call me or any 99er weak, the fact is most 99ers and i have been one myself for 2 months,dont want violense we just want the HELP. We need your voice heard in a productive way, by emails and contacting our so called represenatives in congress, I have been in the labor force for 35 years and never thought i would ever go through anything like i have for the past 2 years, But do not call ME or any 99er weak!!!!!!

        1. Phil,
          I call any people who number 20 million and allow themselves to be tread upon by 400,000, not only weak, but cowardly. We have written our letters and sent our emails and I promise you the people in Washington know exactly what they are doing to us. I myself have been a 99er since May, 2010. If you are one of us that talk daily on this site I have already excluded you in my article. I believe a lot of people will not even come to this site anymore out of fear of being associated with its content. In fact I know it is true as I have been contacted by people wanting their names and comments taken off of this site. The fact is this suits me just fine as From the Trenches World Report is a candy-ass free zone.

        2. henry i am on your side, i think at this point most people are tired,broke and confused,we really dont know what to DO to get resuts. yes 20 billion votes will help in the 2012 election, but do you think that we can ever get someone in office to help us, we all paid taxes for a long time, now we treated like a piece of shit. Good luck bro. what ever happen to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!! A sad story indeed . GOD BLESS !

  2. mike d…..what a complete idiot.!You are just another dumb ass American breathing our air, wasting space here in our country. Get a clue, show some “humanity” and care for your fellow Americans (99ers). Our keep an eye out for us, cause we are going to start kicking ass…you’re on the list!!!!!!

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