WEF Demands Limits on Car Ownership Among General Public

By Frank Bergman – Slay News

The unelected World Economic Forum (WEF) is calling on global governments to begin placing limits on private car ownership among the general public.

The globalist WEF is demanding that regular families with more than one car should be forced to give up one of their vehicles.

Despite the fact that a person can only drive one car at a time, the WEF insists that limiting the number of vehicles people can own will help to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

The WEF argues that members of the public must be forced into giving up a vehicle as part of the organization’s “One Less Car” agenda.

However, the agenda appears to be a stepping stone for the WEF’s long-promoted plan to eliminate all private car ownership.

This week, the WEF published a new article detailing the expectations for families to begin adopting the “One Less Car” lifestyle.

To support the scheme, Klaus Schwab’s Switzerland-based organization highlights a recent study in Australia.

The WEF noted that Uber Australia conducted the “One Less Car” trial alongside behavioral scientists and other rideshare companies in an effort to reduce the number of cars in private hands.

The article states that electric vehicles are part of the solution, but adds: “We must also shift the ‘one person, one car’ mentality.”

For four weeks, 58 Australians gave up driving one of their cars and switched to using alternative forms of transportation.

Participants with one car gave that up, and those with two moved to use just one, etc.

Having fewer cars in the household meant they were often forced to rely on public transport or ride bikes.

However, participants in the study – which was conducted by rideshare companies – conveniently appreciated being left stranded without a car to get around.

“I’m continuing to see the value of not having a second car,” one of the participants said after the four-week-long study.

The WEF article goes on to list “seven actions that city planners and leaders can focus on to support Australia’s green transition.”

These include governments around the world implementing “policy reform towards one less car.”

The globalist group further continued by arguing that policies to restrict private car ownership give citizens more choices rather than less freedom.

“The full suite of city plans and strategies must pull together to end the overreliance on the private car so that all people have four-plus travel modes to choose from no matter where in the city they live, work, study or play.”

In 2022, Norwegian Finance CEO and WEF speaker Kjerstin Braathen said people should be prepared to make major sacrifices to comply with the green agenda.

Braathen warned that the public can expect “pain,” inflation,” and “energy shortages” due to the “climate change” agenda of the WEF and fellow globalist organization the United Nations (UN).

“We need to accept that there will be some pain in the process,” Braathen said.

“The pace that we need [to end climate change] will open up for missteps.

“It will open up for shortages of energy.

“It will create inflationary pressures, and maybe we need to start talking about that — that that pain is actually worth it.”

Earlier this year, Schwab gave an address at the WEF’s annual World Governments Summit in Dubai where he laid out his vision for a ban on private car ownership.

The WEF founder described a world where nobody owns their own car.

Instead, the only vehicles on the roads would be those that transport elites to “your hotel and bring you to the airport.”

He said that cars would be rented or shared rather than owned, describing the plan as “Uberization.”

“We are not in the age of capitalism,” Schwab said.

“We have entered the age of talents.

“We will see the second wave of the Internet revolution; we have machine-to-machine interaction, 3D printing, and big data.

“All together, these will create the tsunami of change in industry.

“The first aspect of the change is ‘Uberization’ of the economy – and it will not be limited to taxis!

“We will have an app for all our needs for government services.

“The second dimension relates to robots and drones, and I have to congratulate you on what you’re doing on drones. It is pioneering.”

Schwab added: “The new technology wave is changing who we are.

“There is research going on in biology, regeneration of body parts, enzymes, and so on.”

These elements of technological progress have tremendous social implications, according to Schwab.

“When we meet for the 20th Government Summit, you will use an app like Uber, but not to call some driver.

“An automatically guided car will come to your hotel and bring you to the airport.”

“At the 10th or 15th summit, we will pay not necessarily with Bitcoin but with some virtual currency.”

“We are only starting to understand what this means for government, education,” Schwab said.

“Since the wave is coming so fast, governments have the obligation to prepare their people for change.”

“In 2030, Los Angeles will be private car-driven free,” Schwab added.


“We need government and civil society to work together to shape the ecosystem and shape the solutions,” Schwab concluded.

“It has to be done jointly.”

The WEF has been pushing this agenda for several years now.

In 2016, the WEF published an article announcing that the public must “say goodbye to your car.”

The WEF continued by laying out a plan where car ownership is banned and people must “request access” to a government-owned vehicle.

This “centralized ride-sharing service” would be paid for using “digital tokens” issued to members of the public by the government, the WEF explains.

The WEF report concludes:

“The time is now to begin thinking, planning, and acting together to transform our transportation system, and our cities, in a way that benefits every member of society.”

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  1. As I was speed reading through this article, there is one word that got me thinking about what is wrong with this entire article in the absolute sense. Instead of using the word, “unelected,” which implies democracy, as guardians of the LAW, we must always call that word out and replace it with “in violation of Article 9 and 10 of the LAW, in which NO one, elected or otherwise, has any authority over any free, sovereign, American National, without first going through due process of the law, as outlined in the BILL OF RIGHTS.

  2. families with more than one car should be forced to give up one of their vehicles…oh come and Force me baby ..force me with your mighty paperwork and violations on my rights ..lets do this , i cant fookin wait

  3. “a person can only drive one car at a time”.. right , so that second car that’s just sitting there isn’t causing any problems ..so the problem isn’t the car ..its their fooked up head , and control issues . we all just need to stop acquiescing to these idiots

    I bet the auto companies would get right on behind this lololololo fookin idiots

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