WikiLeaks’ Releases Bring More Questions than Answers

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange is still in England waiting an extradition hearing.  Meanwhile recent WikiLeaks releases have prompted speculation from one end of the spectrum to the other.  The leaks involve various documents relating to world terrorism and possibilities and probabilities for a nuclear war in the Middle East. 

Many of the documents described terrorists making chemical and biological agents that they intend to release on their enemies around the world.  Some are speculating that the documents were purposefully leaked to rekindle the fear generated by 9/11.  These fears seem to have deteriorated in the face of other fears relating to not having a job and starving to death.  It must be noted that the release of the documents coincides with growing upheaval in the Muslim world. 

Further speculation asserts that the upheaval in Northern Africa is being orchestrated by the United States CIA and Israel’s Mossad to consolidate the region under Muslim rulers which will be controlled by the United States and Israel.  It is being reported that the CIA has indeed been involved in secret talks between themselves and the so called Islamic Brotherhood.

The formation of an Islamic world sector would fall right into line with the one worlder’s ambition to divide the planet into three super-regions.  Each region will be controlled by the equivalent of a financial dictator which will in turn be controlled by the international communistic politburo (the G-20). 

I will grant this all seems sensational and may be a little hard to believe, however I cannot get away from the fact that millions of Egyptians organized to the point that they have their government on the verge of collapse and evidently made no plans as for what to do should they succeed.  They just keep chanting “We want Mubarak out.”  Could it be that this has all been orchestrated and the actual plan is for a power vacuum to be created which is to be filled by the Islamic Brotherhood?  At least this scenario would indicate a complete plan and would explain how so many got so organized without really understanding what they were going to do. 

As things stand today no one can deny the reality of the one world order and their aspirations for a one world currency, bank, and government.  If our CIA is right in the middle of this it would make sense that our government take no position and preserve deniability. 

If you look at all the events that have gone on around the world since the last G-20 Summit, in reference to the crisis between North and South Korea, which made no sense, to the Chinese dictator’s visit to the United States, which was decidedly not for the purpose put forth in the media, to the current crisis in Egypt, which in all reality does not make sense, I have to believe there is a lot we are not being told. 

If you were going to enact a one world government literally overnight, would you announce it?  Or would you just do it and see if you could get away with it?  And is Egypt’s President Mubarak being defiant because he has in essence been betrayed by his one world co-conspirators?  It is obvious that the United States is afraid to tell Mubarak to step down immediately.  Are they afraid that Mubarak will start talking, if pressed? 

As we are being deprived of information I guess the best we can do is speculate.  Thusly, I speculate that just maybe Mubarak had better be watching his back with both eyes. 

God lend us truth and understanding.

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