A 99ers Groundhog Day Cookout

99ers living in tent cities in Pennsylvania will be enjoying their holiday feast.  In an effort to participate in Groundhog Day the 99ers adopted a big fat grey rat.  They are calling the rat Punxsutawney Barry Soetoro.  You see while the rich folk on the other side of the tracks are eating pastries and sipping hot toddies preparing for Punxsutawney Phil to appear, the peasants in the tent city will be having their own ceremony.  Wherein the grey rat Barry is let out of his cardboard box at noon on a hill top with a halide light shining over his head, and if he sees his shadow that means six more months with no relief for the long term unemployed.

After the ceremonies the rich folk will be attending party events designed to pamper their every indulgence and allow them to wallow in the delusion that they truly deserve all they have stolen from the rest of us.  The 99ers back at the tent city will be enjoying their own feast, groundhog on a stick.  That, my friends, is the difference between a rich man’s groundhog and a poor man’s.

Fortunately our government is making great strides in solving the problems of the 99ers.  They just got rid of 5.6 million of us, just by saying they’ve decided to change the number from 7 million to 1.4 million.  So what becomes of the 5.6 million literally removed from the equation?  Well, you cannot even complain as a 99er anymore because you are not a 99er.  And if you do not believe me, just look at the numbers.

In waiting so long to take any action the 99ers may well have removed themselves as a subject from reality.  Do you think it was hard to prove you existed before?  Watch what happens when this act goes down.  What this action means is that 5.6 million people just went from being the long term unemployed to beggars and bums on the streets, needing to be removed for the betterment of society. 

This will make organization ten times harder; I mean we can no longer organize as 99ers as technically, and by the government’s numbers, the 99ers are a separate group of people.  If these fraudulent numbers are allowed to stand the 99ers will become 110% disenfranchised.  If we do not start making a very large sound, very soon, they are going to literally eliminate us.

The step after this one is the one where they take you down to the cattle cars for transportation to the “work camps” where you will take that last shower that will finally relieve you from the stench of your own cowardice. 

If you want to know how the celebration at the tent city turned out, the rat ate the groundhog, and the 99ers ate the rat.





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  1. I am a veteran & 99’er. I should probably have filed bankruptcy a while back to keep everyone from suing me, but figured it out too late…I can’t even afford to go bankrupt.
    I don’t really want an extension, I just want a job. I used to hate paying my bills, but now I miss being able to sit down at the beginning of the month and pay them.
    I love the idea of the big rat and GroundHog on a stick…Maybe if we could coat it in Grey Poupon and honey & then roast it over our mortgage papers that don’t mean anything anymore…

  2. Henry — I feel we have already been eliminated. Even though I continue to post information about our Nationwide Rally, I feel no one is listening. I have turned from begging the government for help to begging the 99ers and unemployed for help. WTF, could there be something in the air that is affecting everyone? I know I should not say it but I am ashamed of the American people. Henry, I must be doing something wrong. Out of all the people who read everything written about the 99ers we don’t even have 1,000 people signed up. If they are scared then I need to convince them they are not in danger. Going to need your help Henry, cause I am not getting anything accomplished using my own words.

    1. Barbara, I too have been doing everything I know to try to get our people to act. I’ve said it before, our generation was the first to be indoctorinated and we actually got to be children for six years before the indoctorination began. If we look at it hard enough we can see the indoctorination we received through the schools and the social networks. I think maybe those who were solidly institutionalized into the system were hit with the truth too all of the sudden. I believe they are just plain scared. Think about a 99er, who two years ago was shouting “change”, his heart was warm, the world was good. In the short space of two years this person is snapped into reality by losing his job, his pension, his savings, and his house. These people went from total trust to realizing that those they trusted were actually diabolical in nature. As things get worse I believe these people will come around as there simply is no other way.
      Now that we are in Google News there will be a lot more people coming to our site and even if they just come and view the site, are frightened, then leave, I have to believe they will be back once they reach the point of being more afraid of our enemies than they are of us.
      At any rate I think we have to soldier on if we want to find out. I think I’m going to keep poking away at each problem until it crumbles.

  3. Henry, Barbara HI I have been told by bloggers that many think this site is for members only some mention the come in read and leave
    may I suggest that you make an invitation front page for new visitors, inviting them to post and sing up for the rally.
    also maybe a blog spot, then maybe I to can catch some in the entrepreneurs page.
    I dont think 99ers are affraid I sure am not, trully they have no were to turn or feel welcomed enought to unite we are scartered all over the USA, most tend to post on the latest UI, articles, we need them here!


  4. 1)

    People need to really realize what caused the recession and why it is not going to just fix by itself!!!

    They need to realize what the definition of a 99er really is:

    99ers are mostly a LARGE group of people that were chosen to be laid off ‘FIRST’ from large prominent companies when and because of illegal RESIDENTIAL LENDING practices THE HOUSING MARKET CRUMBLED (hedge funds collapsed)!…. ALL RESIDENTIAL builders (construction) and residential bankers WERE THE FIRST LAID OFF!! -.these people WERE professional people who work in luxury industries;, ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS OF ALL AREAS, MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICERS, ADVERTISING & MARKETING AGENTS, MANUFACTURING DESIGNERS PROFESSIONAL – THAT DEAL IN CONSTRUCTION MANUFACTURING SUCH AS WINDOWS DOORS ECT….. EXPENSIVE LUXURY CARS SALESMEN was next because – high paid professionals who got laid off could not afford these expensive cars…and so on and so on! ……


    Finally, now that there is a recession in motion the only way we can stop it is; to invest BACK into the economy and also help the 99ers so they can contribute from their end…. by passing a TIER V, so that the FIRST people laid off (99ers) can get back on their feet and the money they receive will be immediately pumped back into the deficient /failing economy.

    “Once these indicators remain constant and stable, confidence in the economy rises, thereby allowing businesses and consumers to shift priorities from extreme conservation to planning improvements such as RESIDENTIAL & CONSTRUCTION and, expansion and RESIDENTIAL investments based on anticipated income and expenses for immediate, long term and future goals. “…….. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY, SO PASS TIER V, NOW!

    As long as 10% of the people in the U.S. hold 70% of the wealth then we are doomed. Let’s put that in real numbers 10% equals 3 million 100 thousand people and that leaves 306 million and 900 thousand people to divide up the 30% of wealth in this country. Just another reason;=No wonder there are no jobs coming back ‘fast’= the money is tied up and does not flow through the country. We used to have taxes of 91% on wealthy BEFORE PRESIDENT BUSH NEW 10 YEAR TAX BREAK FOR THE RICH WAS PASSED and that kept money flowing through the economy because if it wasn’t invested they lost it to taxes. Now there is no incentive to invest so the money is hoarded and the country slowly comes to a halt. WE MUST REALLY CONSIDER THE FACT THAT CHINA WILL SOON BECOME THE SOLE ECONOMIC POWER IN THE NEXT DECADE, THE ONLY SOLUTION IS FOR THE USA TO ‘GROW SOME BALLS AND START REALLY –TAXING- CHINA REPEATEDLY- BEFORE IT IS TOO- TOO- TOO- LATE!!!,,,,,,,,STOP ALLOWING ANYMORE ILLEGAL ENTRY INTO THE USA! …ALL hurting Americans and 99ers must STOP BUYING ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA….AND TAX THE GOODS ENTERING THE USA FROM EVERY MANUFACTURER THAT LEFT THE USA AND IS NOW DOING BUSINESS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!….USE THE TAX TO PAY FOR ADDITIONAL UNEMPLOYEMENT TIERS!

    IF THESE THINGS ARENT DONE BUY US THEN, DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN ALL THAT I HAVE PREDICTED GETS seriously WORSE!……… I am the only one who knew what would happen thus far!

    1. I see you have been reading our site. LOL….. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The only thing I disagree with is the word recession, I prefer depression. It tends to give a more correct picture. The propagandist have been using recession incessantly, like a bunch of damn fools, painting the wrong picture.

  5. Henry — Can you come up with something to put in your article that would encourage readers to sign up. I will come up with something new to post so they will know this is not a private website.

    Eli — Thanks so much for the tip. I never thought about it that way.

    1. Barbara, At the bottom of each article for the past week I have placed the statement, “SIGN UP FOR THE NATIONWIDE RALLY” along with statements directing them to every action we are taking. I think too many people don’t even read the article and just start commenting on comments.
      All we can do is just keep on keepin’ on.

    1. Eli-

      I can appreciate your concern, but putting a picture of Shirley Temple on the front page isn’t going to change anything. The content wouldn’t change. You see these clown we are dealing with here are using fear, just like the mafia does to intimidate in order to make money.

      I’ve already experienced anything these clowns could possible throw at me so I could care less, but most others are scared to death. The sites content scares people. One by one we will finally get through. Life has been worry free for too long, just what the enemy has counted on. For me this site gives comfort for reasons that would put the fear of God into most people.

  6. Mark-
    I do not see anything to be afraid of here! unless the truth scares some !!!
    I see your strengths and it is comforting to me.

    Unemployment Rate supposedly fell to 9%. More 99er are falling off the edge into our pit!
    more the reason to be ignored! makes me so mad ! I surf blog sites to to direct folks to join the Rally, trying to hurry and increase the numbers!!
    guess I am waiting for a Hero!!!!!! for our Men to take action now!
    The string is getting thinner….


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