Rupert Murdoch Announces The Daily News Service for IPad Owners

There is hardly a newspaper left in this country that is still being printed.  The majority of the people of the United States have come to the point that they no longer believe a single word being told to them by the mainstream media.  The fact is the alternate media on the internet has become the single source for those who demand the truth.

The whole scenario is beginning to seriously worry the international corporate mafia.  This is why you are seeing extreme measures being proposed to censor and control all information going out over the net in the United States.  The propagandists are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to shape our reality and control our actions. 

In an effort to recapture the minds of Middle America, News Corp has launched a new news media.  News Corp sports the billion dollar propagandist Rupert Murdoch as its CEO.  Murdoch is backed in his dirty deeds by none other than the one world, ultra elitist George Soros.  The new news agency which is tailored specifically for IPad is called The Daily

Murdoch and company are appealing to Middle America’s vanity and laziness.  For those who can afford an IPad, they can get their daily dose of propaganda with minimum effort.  And what a deal, this new news agency will feed you their propaganda for the unheard of low price of a mere 14 cents a day.  For the 14 cents a day the IPad user will be spared the inconvenience of having to search out and evaluate their news on the net.  The new service will offer hundreds of stories from all sectors of interest that will come complete with a propagandist explanation as to what it all means.

So will the people of Middle America turn their brains off once again?  I believe many will, if for no other reason than to just be trendy.  I’ll give you a sure test to measure the legitimacy of the new IPad’s news forum.  The first chance you get see if there are any stories in The Daily referencing 99ers, or even the long term unemployed.  And if there is one, has it been slanted to be pro or con? 

I think America should reject The Daily as it is designed to retard our thinking as surely as the idiot box in the living room was.  It is a fact that only when we got back to searching out for and reading our news again, did the awakening to the lies that we were being spoon fed by the corporate media occur.  And that is the key word, corporate. 

The Daily is nothing more than a new form of corporate propaganda designed to tell us who to vote for and what to buy.  If it is a success the propagandists will have realized a goal they have been pursuing for many years now, and that is to actually get us, as individuals, to pay them to lie to us. 

Of course there will be plenty out there who will be willing and the rest of us will have to suffer having Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda spouted in our face by his lame brain yuppie subscribers.  I guess we as 99ers will have to forego the convenience of the LiePad as we cannot afford such luxuries.





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