Will HR 6556 be Reintroduced or Not?

42% of businesses say they are going to hire someone in 2011.  I wonder in which country the hiring will occur.  13,000 United States Post Offices are to be closed down in 2011 and another 15,000 are being looked at for cuts.  Record unemployment is being seen in the face of record corporate profits.  There are 19 states facing bankruptcy and either we are going to have to, or rather our grandchildren are going to have to, bail them out or they are going to make drastic spending cuts, hence jobs, pensions, and medical packages.  40 million Americans are now receiving food stamps.  Property crimes are on the rise.

11 police officers were shot in the last 24 hours, four of them killed.  In total, 14 police officers have already been killed in the line of duty in 2011.  So what is my point?  Thus far in 2011 we have lost 20 soldiers in Afghanistan, and I think that we call it a minor war.  So would it not suffice to say that there is a minor war going on in our country as present?

A video of a traffic stop in Utah shows two police officers, each looks to be over 6 ft tall and 220 lbs plus, tasering a 58 year old lady through the window of her car, which another police officer busted out with his fist.  And then one of these police officers punched the lady in the face three times while she was being tasered, knocking her unconscious.

We all know this type of thing goes on every day unreported and that elements in law enforcement have become like organized gangs.  Some even sport the same tattoo.  Violence always seems to flow from the bottom up, especially when it is designed to destroy a society from within.

I predict that as our so called government goes forward with plans to take more from the poorest in our society to hand over to the rich, the violence will increase.  It is not really the money they are after; it is the total collapse of the United States.

It is reported that although there will be job openings in the future for educated skilled individuals, the 99ers are being openly removed from the equation.  It is in fact being said that though many of us are educated and possess work skills, we are going to have a very difficult time finding work.  Why?  Because we are over qualified.  Don’t ask, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

HR 6556 – Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act, which would add 14 weeks to Tier 1 and make them available to us 99ers, was supposed to be reintroduced Monday, but as of the writing of this article, there is no mention of it.  There is however talk of corporate tax breaks and more incentives for businesses.  When the 112th Congress went into session it was stated that jobs was the number one issue the American people wanted dealt with.  As of date, not one bill relating to getting the Americans back to work has been mentioned.

I have to believe that Barry and company are kicking back and laughing to themselves saying, “Let’s just keep ignoring it and see how long it takes these fools to realize that we are doing nothing and are going to do nothing.  Maybe they will get the hint when 2 million public sector workers join them in the soup lines.”

People, can’t you see all they are doing in this pretend Congress amounts to nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.  In fact at the State of the Union Address you will see the chairs rearranged as the one party system finally shows itself, as Demopublicans and Republicrats come together as one in absolute representation of the top 1%.

The poor no longer exist and if you listen to the mainstream propaganda, the middle class is being mentioned less and less.  If a foreigner were to listen to our news casts from a far away country he or she would have to believe that there is a straight up, two class system.  At the top are rich corporate businesses, and at the bottom are the rest of us.

The fact is the propaganda has become laughable to the average American.  This coupled with the building violence in our country tells me we are in a lot of trouble and that we had better do something, even if it is wrong.





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  1. He is by far the worst President ever ( Im African American btw). How dare this idiot/puppet get on television and a) not mention any of the 99ers,b) rising crime, or c) fact that unemplyment has gotten worse ( real numbers will be available next week anyway). This amount of dillusional optimism aka propaganda is not only insulting but literally makes me sick. I feel like we as Americans are somewhat guilty too b/c we have become to complacent, and gluttonous. For those of us that have a more conceptualized view though of what is really going on must organize. For the 2nd time in two months ive seen a conman run game on t.v. in pure sitcom form, and the sad part is some people are falling for it. CEO crooks, Fema, black projects, wars, foreign aid, all funded by Americans. Americans that cant see that the dividing of class is one of their biggest weapons. Slowly ween Americans off employment, then unemployment will ensure the slow and systematic death of each and everyone of our freedoms as violence will increase, as well as suicide rates,then martial law. I pray and stay as resiliant as possible. Stay strong everyone, and another good article btw.

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