6 thoughts on “Yes, we can.

  1. I don’t want to deport him. He’s here to do a job that Americans won’t do….. like work on my plantation with a steel ball chained to his ankle.

    And you can bet he’ll be losing a few pounds, too.

    That stupid T-shirt slogan, displaying the bad grammar you’d expect, assumes the INS will be handling the deportations. My guess is that the fat bastard will be running back to Mexico as fast as he can.

  2. Just look at that fat, ugly, arrogant wet-back! I would love to see him and the despicable shirt he’s wearing turned into Swiss cheese!

  3. deportation is what the ‘government’ does.

    We are going to execute you.
    If you dont know, a revolution is about to pop off. Your inability to speak clear american english is going to get you killed as an enemy combatant. All of you.

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