Illegal Immigration, A Call to Reality

It is reported that Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation.  That is not the only area in reference to jobs that Nevada is leading in.  They also have the highest percentage of jobs being worked by illegal aliens at 10%.  To put it in terms that even the most liberal among us can understand, if every job in Nevada being worked by an illegal was being worked by legal citizens currently unemployed, their unemployment rate would be at about 4%.

New York City also sports 10% of its work force as illegal aliens.  And in the overall picture 70% of all illegal aliens in New York City have a job.

To those of you who think that illegal immigration is not one of the major contributors to the long term unemployment problem in the United States, maybe you better think again.

On March 14, 2011, thirteen Mexican nationals were arrested at a border checkpoint wearing United States military uniforms.  They were identified as illegal immigrants and were processed and treated as such.  No doubt they face nothing more than being deported. 

Had you or I been caught at a Mexican checkpoint wearing Mexican military uniforms, driving a vehicle with stolen Mexican license plates, we would be arrested and charged with espionage and spying, and most likely have been put up against a wall and shot.

This incident goes beyond illegal immigration.  Considering the conflicts between our border patrol and the Mexican military, which have occurred in the past year, this incident should have been treated for exactly what it was; an infiltration into our country by foreign invaders intent on causing us harm.

Considering the wanton refusal of the United States government to enforce our laws and borders, one can only come to the conclusion that secret agreements are in affect designed to destroy U.S. sovereignty.

In a letter released to Senator Lori Klein reportedly written by a substitute teacher in Arizona, it was revealed that 8th grade students who are the children of illegal aliens refused to site our pledge of allegiance, tore up their history books and said that Americans had better learn to speak Spanish because they [the Mexicans] are going to take their land back.

Organizations like La Raza and La Mancha that teach young illegals to hate America and Americans operate freely in the United States.  In fact La Raza means “The Race” and their motto is “For our race everything and for all others, nothing.”

The final conclusion must be that our country has fallen victim to an organized attack, both from within and without, and our government is complicit with those who have sworn to destroy us.  We who are true Americans know who we are. 

The time has come wherein necessity dictates that we find one another, unite, and drive all the invaders from our country along with their cohorts who have infiltrated our body politic from the local municipalities to the office of the president. 

My fellow citizens, we are betrayed.

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    1. Help Needed, Yeah, they are now admitting to about 50 million and yes, they are counting the illegals as they intend to give them full citizenship before the 2012 election. You see the traitor Obama has had a plan for his reelection all along, it just does not include anyone who’s family has been in this country for more than a couple of generations.

    2. Please don’t confuse “Hispanic” with “illegal immigrant”. That’s exactly what the pro-illegal immigration crowd does to make its opposition look racist. They refuse to differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants.

  1. They should have put those 13 Marine Corp. impersonating mutherfuckers up against a wall and blown their asses to Hell, where they belong. And for that matter, anyone else who try’s to cross our border illegally !!

  2. My brother Michael informs me that his boss prefers to hire Mexican illegals as they work for much less than he does. Part of the NWO. He does stucco work in Ohio

  3. So whats your plan to solve it? There are not enough lawmakers with spine in Congress to get anything done and between the Dems and the Reps; neither seems to care that their own citrizens are hurting and being harmed by illegals.

    Dont care we are employed; dont care about identity theft, dont care about all the monies being spent on them and their anchor babies, etc.

  4. When I started looking into where the money was coming from to buy off the politicians and subvert the immigration laws of the world, I came across what may be the root of many of our problems. Fiat Money.
    No matter how much real money people can put together to build their countries the way they want there are those that can print up what ever it takes to get their way.
    Maybe this will help make the danger of fiat money clear.
    Imagine you and me are setting across from each other. We create enough money to represent all of the world’s wealth. Each one of us has one SUPER Dollar in front of him.
    You own half of everything and so do I.
    I’m the government though. I get bribed into creating a Central Bank.
    You’re not doing what I want you to be doing so I print up myself eight more SUPER Dollars to manipulate you with.
    All of a sudden your SUPER Dollar only represents one tenth of the wealth of the world!
    That isn’t the only thing though. You need to get busy and get to work because YOU’VE BEEN STIFFED with the bill for the money I PRINTED UP to get YOU TO DO what I WANTED.
    That to me represents what has been happening to the economy, and us, and why so many of our occupations just can’t keep up with the fake money presses.
    We are going to have to regain control of our government before we can regain control of our currency. We are going to have to regain control of our currency before we can regain control of our country.

  5. I have a recommendation for Rachel Cohen:

    Jewish Involvement in Shaping American. Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical. Review. Kevin MacDonald. California State University-Long Beach … – Similar

    I’m fairly certain that it must have been an innocent oversight on Rachel Cohen’s part, to forget to mention the identity of the engineers of this third world invasion of America, or to cite their nefarious list of anti-white motivations.

    1. Luke, I never thought I would undergo a personal attack because of my last name. The fact is I was adopted when I was fourteen years old by my aunt who was married to a Jewish man. My parents were killed in an auto accident. I have never practiced Judaism nor do I know a lot about Jewish history. So of course I have never read the book you referenced, however I have read our Constitution and I do love my country. As for my uncle who took me in and gave me my last name, he was an American serviceman who was killed in Veit Nam fighting the spread of communism, or so he believed. I hope this clears things up for you.

  6. Illegal aliens are destroying this Country, and one would have to be almost blind not to see this. How much longer do we have to support these illegal aliens? How much longer do we have to school their illegal alien children? How much longer are we going to let them have our jobs? How much longer are we going to put up with all the crime, stolen identities, forged documents, fake green cards? How much longer are we going to allow these illegal aliens to send money out of this Country and bring our Country down? Oh, amnesty will correct all this. WRONG! Nothing will change except we wouldn’t be able to call them illegal aliens any more. Let’s get rid of these illegal aliens! Let’s get them back to their own Country where they belong with their families!

  7. I will never understand how these illegals are allowed to steal our jobs, enjoy all entitlement programs, drive without license or insurance and get away with it. My brother-in-law is hispanic but has been legal for 40 years and even he cannot believe what it taking place in our country concerning immigration. I know of an entire trailer park — over 200 hispanics that are illegal and on food stamps and medicaid. Every once in a while the police will pull one of them over, lock them up, they pay a $500 fine and that is it. Law enforcement knows about the trailer park and the illegals, so what is going on? Why is this allowed? I think it is about time to take this matter to the next level and ask someone who could do something why they will not do something. I HATE IT when I call someone and they say immediately, “if you would like to continue in English, press 1”. WTF — should it not be “if you would like to continue in Spanish, press 1”. Also Bank of America has a special extention for sending money to Mexico. This is so wrong.

    1. IF AN AMERICAN CITIZEN SEE’S the law being broken and calls the police to say “HEY everyone living there is an illegal” you would expext the police to show up an arrest and deport. BUT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD this doesn’t happen WHY????

      1. I don’t know why they haven’t done something. You would be amazed at how many people I have reported. Nothing is being done. They treat the illegals different than Americans. Just another slap in the face.

  8. Here is my situation, I cannot receive any assistance in my state, Illinois, due to the fact that all of the social services only assist foreign born nationals, whether illegal or legal is not the issue. When I go to my local DHS office, there are nothing but foreign born people there. The workers there treat all of the Americans poorly, myself included. The foreigners, of course, all have a ton of “anchor babies” so they get everything. I am a “99er” lost my job through no fault of my own, am 54 yrs old, sick and disabled and I am told I can go to the homeless shelter as there is no assistance for me. I paid into these programs for over 45 years and this is how my country treats me!!! WTH!! I would like to know if anyone else is having similar problems?

  9. Thank you for writing a bit about the Nevada illegal alien problem. We seem to be the red-headed stepchild concerning this issue and left out of most stats that ‘sometimes’ make their way to print. FINALLY we have risen to the #1 state with the biggest percentage of illegals per legal resident employed/unemployed. What did anyone expect when we are neighbors to California? I’m not proud of this and am disgusted to say the least, but the main reason is we have good ole harry reid ( Who a few months before the stats came out said ‘There are no illegal immigrants working in Nevada’) and the casino creeps that keep the cycle going and squash any attempt to do anything about our problem… This also includes our city Mayor’s who some or, family members own casino’s!

    One thing left out of this article concerning la raza and the others, is the fact that they recieve tax payer money given by our very own corrupt government on a yearly basis. Why should we as citizens of this supposed great nation have to fund those orgs that are clearly, and openly trying to destroy us? Now that I got started, Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, KMart, and others also ‘donate’ to la raza. Sickening, and I NEVER spend a dime at any business that gives them $$$$$$$ Go to la raza’s site (If your stomache can handle it) and take a look at their donors.

    Someone mentioned BOA? They are not the only big bank to cater to illegals. Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citi, and on and on it goes. All you have to do is ask your bank if they accept the matricula consular card as a form of I.D and you will have your answer. If your bank accepts it? Dump them and tell them why.

    LQQk folks, nothing, and I mean NOTHING will be done unless We The People do it ourselves.

  10. Dang! I forgot to say a little more about Sears. If you go to their site and apply for any open position, when you get to the part where they ask how you heard about the position, or who referred you, la raza is on the list. So, if you plan on applying for a job at Sears, make sure you check that little box that says la raza beside it. You might just get hired 😉

  11. we live in a crazy country where a person can break into the usa and receive all the benefits that legal citizens cannot get.. we can stop illegals from the invasion by denying them a job. i started doing this where i live and it does work. also. i started a lawn business called . LEGAL LAWN CARE.and i only hire legal citizens and i give 10 percent of my profits to help build the fence. lets take back our COUNTRY.

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