99ers, We Must Organize and We Must Fight

The mainstream propaganda is all abuzz with the effects current world events are having on the New York Stock Exchange.  If any of you took the time to download and watch Zeitgeist III – Moving Forward you know that the stock exchange is in no way an indicator in reference to our economy.  It is in fact no more than the ultra rich’s score board to show who is steeling the most from whom. 

There has not been one damn word in reference to the 99ers, though it does seem we may be gearing up for another Middle Eastern war at a million dollars a year per soldier.  Of course there is no expense too great when it comes to helping other countries.  Hell, we’ll just add it to our debt.  Our grandchildren can afford it. 

I swear, I just want to get a bullhorn and stand out in front of the White House and scream at the top of my lungs, “We are not stupid enough to believe another word you say, you bat-eared son of a bitch.”  The fact is neither Obama nor any other scum bag serving in our government has ever seen a hungry day in their lives.  I wonder how much we paid for the latest party Obama threw to honor the legacy of Motown.   These bastards are beginning to make Marie Antoinette look like Mother Theresa. 

God knows we do not want a French style revolution in our country.  But I’m beginning to believe that the elite do.  You see starving us out in the cold just isn’t killing us quickly enough.  If our enemies could only find a way to get we the people to divide ourselves into two camps and start killing one another, maybe they could get us out of the way faster which would allow them to get back to enjoying their lives of luxury.

If the United States goes into Libya and our Congress allows the expenditure without Obama showing how it will be paid for, it must be considered the final wad of spit in our faces.  And I’m telling you I believe they are going to do it, as the CIA has already helped the rebels to form a new government.  They would not have gone to this trouble unless they had a plan that involved spending billions more dollars that could be going to help the 99ers.

I don’t know how but we have got to find a way to assert the power we possess – now.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the CIA would come and give us money to organize a rebellion against the totalitarian dictatorship we are living under?  But then that is never going to happen because it is no longer America for Americans, but rather America to the highest bidder.

We cannot let up.  We cannot slow down.  We must organize and we must fight.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-866-220-0044 and ask for the members of the Sub-Committee on Human Services.

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA 






0 thoughts on “99ers, We Must Organize and We Must Fight

  1. It’s time for the American people to ask Obama to Step Down. Obama is asking other countries leaders to step down for what they are doing to their people. Look at what you are doing to your people, Obama. How can you tell other countries what to do when you are not even taking care of your own people. You give great speeches, that’s what got you elected. You have accomplished NOTHING while in office!!!! You need to take care of AMERICA 1ST before you tell the rest of the world how to run their country. YOU CAN’T EVEN RUN YOUR COUNTRY!!!! The 99ers are DYING and you are ignoring them. The 15 Million+, Yes 15 Million+ 99ers, Yes the people you chose not to count in your stats of the unemployed ARE DYING. Stop trying to save the world, YOUR COUNTRY AMERICA NEEDS TO BE SAVED FIRST. YOUR THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA. Let other countries run their own countries. Who are you to tell them what they need to do!! YOU CAN’T EVEN RUN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!! Bring home all the troops and PROTECT OUR BORDERS FIRST!!! Let me be the first to ask you Obama to STEP DOWN. You are doing nothing to help your country!! I am a 99er that has sold everything I can possibly sell to try and live. THERE ARE NO JOBS OUT HERE!!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING!!! TALK IS CHEAP, SO ARE YOUR SPEECHES!!! THE 99ers NEED HELP NOW!!! YOUR PEOPLE OBAMA ARE DYING WHILE YOUR IN CHARGE!!! HELP AMERICA, YOUR COUNTRY, BEFORE YOU TELL THE OTHER COUNTRIES HOW TO RUN THEIRS!!!

  2. I could not have said it any better! Keep ignoring us Obama! In 2012, we will ignore you! Not one 99er should EVER vote for you again!!! I guess you have NOT learned the lesson of November 2010? You know what elders say, “Hard head, soft behind!!!”

  3. I totally agree. We don’t need another year plus of a President who can’t take care of his own people in the good ole USA. He has had his complimentary Presidency.

  4. Henry,
    I could not have said it better. Your right on the money. We the millions are looking for jobs to be created and a mere 14 weeks of unemployment and the government out there starting wars at our expense. Yes America is known to bring democracy throughout the land, though the blood of so many innocent people are at hand again. You figure this is the 21st century and bloodshed is still their way of changing things.
    I’m a guy from the 1960’s. In those days we use to get together and protest. We would demostrat when things were not right. We have to bring those methods back. It’s sad of what goes on today, people take it on the chin and live with it. People of the 60’s fought for many things and it’s time for the people of 2011 do the same thing. It’s simple, we don’t like it and we’re not going to take it anymore! We are the people and we are millions. Let’s somehow figure a way to get the millions to hear us and unite. The sad thing, I’m a over the 50 years of age professional engineer that America put out to pasture. I’ve worked hard for 30+ years and contributed to America in every way. When there was that BP oil spill I and many of my unemployed 50 and over crowd was there to volunteer our time to clean the beach areas. We love America and do what we can, but again we get slapped in the face.
    Funny thing I didn’t come across any people from office helping clean up the oil spill mess.
    Henry, keep up the good work.

    Henry, keep up the good work.

  5. Simply writing articles is doing nothing to help the 99ers. We need to take to the streets!!! Action speaks louder than words – even in print.

    1. Ken, How do you propose to get 99ers organized and out in the streets? Frankly I thought that is what we were doing here. But then every time I go around thinking, someone like you has to come along and straighten me out.

      1. That was meant for Ken above. What’s up with the software thing that misses comment sequence? Bet that’s fun to deal with! Hang in there Henry.

  6. The moment Obama allowed Bush’s tax cuts for the rich to resume, I knew the 99ers were thrown under the bus. A new age of discrimination for those of us who are financially and opportunistically deprived had arrived. This brand of discrimination is colorless, tasteless, and doesn’t matter what level of education you’ve completed, it’s where we were standing at this time in our lives when the hat dropped. Who knew? America was the land of opportunity – any opportunity – now it’s not.
    The argument about America’s budget deficit is a tired argument. It simply don’t fly anymore. Not with me.
    We know providing a tier V, H.R. 589 bill is a drop in the bucket compared to the expenditures our government is spending every day on protecting the investments in Middle East oil production.
    Well, that’s just one example. I believe the Republicans won’t vote for H.R. 589 because most of us 99ers are registered Democrats, Independents, and, let’s face it, they hate Liberals. This is why Obama has to grow a backbone before 2012, but unfortunately, I don’t see it yet. His voting base is shrinking no matter what the polls say. That’s too bad because in 2008, I had high hopes, but nothing has changed.
    Every dog has its day. We 99ers will have ours soon. We have to be strong so this 99er phenomenon doesn’t happen again with our kids growing up now. 99ers love their children too.
    America can afford to help her own. I know that.
    I can smell the voting booth already.

    1. 99ermikeb,

      So what gave you those “high hopes”?

      Was it the muslim background or the statements “welcome to the transformation of America” and “” we need a domestic security force funded equally to the United States military?

      Wow! You were sure paying attention! Do ya think ya missed sumpthin’?

      This is the mindset that has helped permit the manifestation of this current atrocity from its beginning many, many years ago.

      RE “most of us 99ers are registered Democrats, Independents, and, let’s face it, they hate Liberals.”

      Why don’t you just re-register non partisan? Are you paying attention here?


    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Some 1,000 nursesstriked Wednesday outside the Kaiser Permanente’s Los Angeles Medical Center gathered as of 6 a.m. for the planned, 24-hour strike. The picket lines stretched all the way around the facility.
    Organizers say the nurses are protesting Kaiser’s unfair labor practices and a failure to protect patient care standards.

  8. I don’t understand why Obama just won’t help the poor 99ers out. I thought he was all for the middle class and that, but it’s not looking that way now is it. If I was President I wouldn’t listen to everybody else telling me what I can and can not do. Especially when you believe it’s the right thing to do. The right thing to do Obama, you are the president make it count. 99ers aren’t bad people so why is it that people in prison are living better than the 99ers….. I just don’t understand it. Everything else gets funded some how some way. If there is a will there is a way right! I understand that these are tough times now, but why are the 99ers paying for all the mistakes others have made. This bill is only for 14 weeks not like its 2 years like the rich got and that passed. Be strong 99ers and believe this bill will pass some day.

    1. Hey Devin,

      You don’t understand? Let me ask you question:

      Do you understand the psychopathic human mind?

      Didn’t think so. Neither do I…never have…never will. It takes one to understand one.

      I submit that trying to understand is a futile waste of mental and spiritual energy for a sane human being. These people are insane….get it?

      Put your mind on what you are going to do to fight and survive or decide to die complacently and accept leaving this world of shit. It’s that simple.

      People stuck in trying to understand are doomed. Chew on that!

  9. Obama is for the rich period,he has played with the unemployment numbers every year,Im a 99er too,he will NOT get my vote in 1012.

  10. Don’t forget that this goes far beyond just Obama people. Don’t fall for the left vs right game to divide us.

    How many friends do we REALLY have in DC on either side?

    It is all about a few “elite” who now control the majority of the wealth of the entire planet vs everyone else.

  11. Since a the news media and other outlets are keeping the public uninformed about the current plight and struggles of the unemployed/99ers, why don’t we become self advertising by writing the number “99” on our foreheads or the on the backs of our hands whenever we go out in public. So that we become visible to the world in solidarity. Not only will people come up to you to ask what the number symbolizes, but it will also give you an opportunity to inform and enlighten them about our cause. And maybe after hearing the truth about our current position in this country and how we are being suppressed as a people, they may in turn find the apathy and fortitude to help us in our fight to right this injustice. We may even get news coverage. If I constantly ran into people with the number “99” (large) written on their foreheads I would become curious and question the reason and intent behind it. Just think if thousands-millions of people wore this every day (even those that you know who are not unemployed but who are being supportive). The media outlets would eventually get wind of it one way or the other. Because they all love to report on anything that’s different and out of the ordinary.

  12. How can a democratic president turn his back on his base. Extending tax cuts for millionaires and not helping out the long term unemployed is unacceptable. I think he does not want to make any waves so he too can have 5M weddings for his daughters after he leaves office.

  13. Hi fellow 99ers, I am glad some of you realize that our President is just a sweet talkin’ pimp who will sell his country to the highest bidder. I was a Republican but now I have become a 99er. Screw my own party as well as the worthless Democrats and start our own party called the “99ers” just like those retarded “Tea-party ” fanatics! Congress is too busy running the gong show and they don’t have time for us. They would rather discuss about the upcoming DWTS show rather than helping the millions of 99ers. Some of us already knew that both the Dumbocrats and the Repubic-hairs are one and the same. In the open, they pretend to put on a cheap soap opera drama debate but behind closed doors, they have the same agendas. Please remember that they all have one thing in common; they are a lot richer than all of us 99ers and of course their loyalty lies with the rich SOB. I am just disappointed with the cowardly Obama who does nothing for his people in need. Nothing voting for him in 2012 is not the answer, and voting for the Repubic-hairs is committing suicide, so what is our best approach in solving our own problem? We will vote for one of us 99ers who understands what it is like to be hungry and homeless after we have lost our jobs through no fault of our own. It is just a wishful thinking folks because we don’t have the resources and that is why the rich can afford to run this country at our expenses. I am a very angry American, but am I angry enough to go out and do something about it? Congress thinks that we are just a bunch of lazy whining wimps, well my, we do have something in common with Obama after all! I would suggest skipping the middleman (Congress) and go attack Mr Big himself. Obama hates to be criticized because he wants to be seen and remembered as the great accomplisher, problem-solver as well as the only first Black President who can work with both parties but sadly enough, ends up screwing almost everyone in the process except for the top 2%. We tried to desperately contact both the Senate and the House but were repeatedly ignored therefore we need to take a new approach to tackle this problem. Unions are our best allies at this point but I personally trust no-one because everyone can be bought to betray and join the other side (Obama is the perfect example). We don’t have a voice ( almost all of the people I come in contact with don’t even know what a 99er is) and it is so easy for them to use the conquer and divide tactic to destroy us from within. We must stand strong together no matter where we live in order to stand a chance of defeating our enemies who are in complete control of the Government. May God protect us all for what we are about to do for many of us cannot take this anymore!

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