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Anti-Trump Group Plans to Use a Chemical Weapon to Disrupt Inauguration Event

Daisy Luther

This one is for all of the people who say, “Oh, the anti-Trump protesters are just exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Sorry, folks, but deploying butyric acid during an inauguration event is NOT covered by 1A.  

Butyric acid is the main distinctive smell of human vomit. It is the main ingredient in “stink bombs” but in higher concentrations can cause serious health issues.

“Inhalation of butyric acid may result in soreness of throat, coughing, a burning sensation, and laboured breathing. Ingestion of the acid may result in abdominal pain, shock, and collapse. Physical exposure to the acid may result in pain, blistering and skin burns, while exposure to the eyes may result in pain, severe deep burns and loss of vision.” (source)

And before you downplay this, although butyric acid is not a weapon of mass destruction it is considered a chemical weapon by the Chemical Weapons Convention:

The Convention defines chemical weapons much more generally. The term chemical weapon is applied to any toxic chemical or its precursor that can cause death, injury, temporary incapacitation or sensory irritation through its chemical action.  (source)

Plots like this make every peaceful protest questionable. Whether you like Trump or hate him, attacking the supporters of a political candidate with a chemical weapon is unacceptable in every way. This dangerous minority undermines every single person out there peacefully trying to make a change.

Chaos is coming.  If you aren’t prepped for the upcoming unrest, go here to get access to a free PDF guide. You only have a few days to get ready.

This undercover video by Project Veritas shows a group known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition. Watch as they plan to disrupt the inauguration by deploying the chemical into the ventilation system at the National Press Club during the Deploraball event.

Daisy Luther

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5 Responses to Anti-Trump Group Plans to Use a Chemical Weapon to Disrupt Inauguration Event

  1. Katie says:

    That black haired guy and his girly smile is pathetic.

    How much are these people earning?

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “Plots like this make every peaceful protest questionable.”

    What is questionable is the intelligence of the morons who actually believe that protests (peaceful or otherwise) will accomplish ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

    Stupid sheeple.

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    I’m in full support of anything that gets the ball rolling.

    I don’t care for either side in the Trump wars, so let ’em kill each other, and hope it spreads across the country.

    Out of the chaos, a new order will emerge, and it won’t be the New World Order the elites are hoping for. There are 100 million patriots in this country waiting for something to happen.

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