Bizarre: Why Are BLUE Animals Being Discovered on the West Coast?

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Earlier this month, two news items came in from the West Coast that are just… bizarre.

First up, this bear was spotted in Mission, British Columbia and no, this isn’t Photoshopped.  

Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 1.07.37 AM

Here’s the video of it:

That bear’s head is blue.

Someone suggested maybe the bear stuck his head in a port-a-potty. Guess it’s possible, but…

Then you have this story of a blue… pig.

Via IFL Science:

When a couple out on their ranch in Morgan Hill, California, saw a wild pig roaming the brush, they decided to shoot it and take it home for meat. After transporting the pig back home and draining its blood, the pair cut open the pig ready to skin and portion it, only to find this wild hog was hiding something quite unusual below the surface.

The pair were shocked to find that its fat was bright blue.

The fat was blue.

Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 1.11.08 AM Screenshot 2015-09-22 at 1.10.52 AM


The pig was sent to University of California, Davis to solve the mystery. Until then, people are speculating about a copper mine in the area.

That, and Fukushima.

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5 thoughts on “Bizarre: Why Are BLUE Animals Being Discovered on the West Coast?

  1. Noble elements/gases released into the atmosphere are the clearest and most accurate method used to detect nuclear disaster across the globe that are attempted coverup.

    THE occurrence1 of the long lived silver radionuclide 108mAg (T½>100 yr) in biota from the Pacific Ocean has been held to suggest that the silver radionuclide ratio 110mAg/108mAg may be useful as a tracer of environmental processes. It also appears1 that large amounts of 110mAg and 108mAg were not produced during the 1958 test series or earlier, and that the production activity ratio 110mAg/108mAg was 162, a ratio derived solely from the thermal neutron activation of stable silver. We consider that their observations require reconsideration.

    Silver iodide has been in use to steer/steal rainstorms/water from california for at least the last 5 yrs. silver iodide was bombarded from neutron flx from fukushima radiation…… this caused an acceleration and upramp in bio-accumulation in local plant and animal population. clearest proof yet of the magnification of the radiation contamination of the west coast of u.s.

    Real world conclusion-neutron bombardment of silver iodide from fukushima radionuclide contamination post of reactor 3 core detonation.
    physical proof of massive coverup of ele event/contamination.

    1. Makes sense to me ..
      they are of the Earth in every way.. they eat from the planet, drink from the planet.. everything they need comes from mother nature/ mother land

      therefore if it ( earth) becomes contaminated , they too become contaminated .
      we are soon to follow folks

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