Cat Attacks Crazy Woman Goes Viral

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

This video clearly is a case of what comes around goes around. A woman, who for some reason is deeply disturbed by a cat, decides to kick snow at it. The cat, obviously, doesn’t like the snow pelting one bit. What ensues is surreal; a scene out of classic Monty Python movies. Watch what the dogs reaction, happily wagging its tail at the snow pelting, clearly had a different reaction at the end of the video. This video has gone viral on Live Leak with over 75,000 views in just 5 hours.

6 thoughts on “Cat Attacks Crazy Woman Goes Viral

  1. Crazy lady better get a rabies shot. She should have let the cat alone. Ya can bet that this wasn`t the first encounter with this cat.

    1. Hey Digger ,that cat represents the docile american nationals and what happens when you have taken all the abuse you can stand,you come out fighting like a coiled spring,you see how fast that “commie “got the hell out of dodge.LOL Did you watch the one that comes on the screen thumbnails featureing the babysitter protecting her little man it’s worth watching

      1. Yep Steve,I bet that lady did abuse that cat. She deserves all that cat gave her and then some. She did get out of their to go and hide in her cosy house there didn`t she 😆 . I alway like hearing things like this when animals retaliate on azz holes like her, looks like she deserved what that cat gave her…. Thanks Steve, I wil check out that thumbnail 🙂

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