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Draft DHS guidelines sharpen focus on those in US illegally

AP – by Hope Yen and Julie Pace WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department has drafted sweeping new guidelines aimed at aggressively detaining and deporting immigrants living in the U.S. illegally, according to a pair of memoranda signed by … Continue reading

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Revised travel ban targets same seven countries, exempts green card holders

Fox News President Trump’s revised travel ban targets the same seven countries listed in his original executive order and exempts travelers who already have a visa to travel to the U.S., even if they haven’t used it yet. A senior … Continue reading

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The Unthinkable Just Happened in Spain

Wolf Street – by Don Quijones Six central bankers and a financial regulator get dragged to court. Untouchable. Inviolable. Immunity. Impunity. These are the sort of words and expressions that are often associated with senior central bankers, who are, by law, … Continue reading

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Suspect in light rail station murder was wanted for possible deportation

Fox 31 DENVER — One of the suspects accused of trying to rob and then killing a man at a Denver light rail station, was in custody in Denver and wanted for possible deportation by federal authorities when he was … Continue reading

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VP Pence: US commitment to NATO ‘unwavering’

The entire speech is a lie, a deception…Pence and Mattis continually use the words “Peace and Safety” or “Peace and Prosperity” or “Peace and Security”. I submit this is going to bring “sudden destruction” to millions soon as the scripture … Continue reading

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The Will

Doug Smith is on his deathbed and knows the end is near. His nurse, his wife, his daughter and 2 sons, are with him. He asks for 2 witnesses to be present and a video recorder be in place to … Continue reading

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Plane Crashes on NJ Neighborhood Street, Injuring Pilot: Officials

NBC New York A small plane crashed Sunday on a residential street in New Jersey, injuring the pilot, knocking down power lines and damaging parked cars, officials said. The single-engine Piper went down on Avenue E between 41st and 42nd … Continue reading

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U.S. deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea

USA Today JAKARTA, Indonesia — The United States deployed aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to patrol the increasingly contentious South China Sea, despite Beijing’s warnings not to challenge its sovereignty in the resource-rich sea. The Navy described Saturday’s launch as the … Continue reading

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No Rest: Another Round of Intense Rains Heading for Central and Northern California

Weather Underground – by Bob Henson While southern California tries to dry out from Friday’s watery onslaught, yet another atmospheric river will be pointed at central and northern California from late Sunday through Monday, exacerbating the woes of what’s already … Continue reading

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Simon Sinek On Millennials In The Workplace

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: A lot of good points brought forward in this video. I will say it is not the companies responsibility to “raise” or “correct” these people and they will not do that. If a … Continue reading

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Trump administration to expand groups of immigrants to be deported: documents

Yahoo News WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration plans to direct immigration agents to greatly expand the categories of immigrants they target for deportation, according to drafts of two memos seen by Reuters and first reported by McClatchy news organization … Continue reading

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5 Examples Which Prove The Deep State Doesn’t Care Who You Vote For

The Daily Sheeple – by Melissa Dykes No matter where you think Trump stands — a puppet controlled by the Deep State or a victim of Deep State sabotage — what has become crystal clear this week is that the … Continue reading

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‘Largest pandemic in 100 years’ threatens China as bird flu spreads

RT China could be facing the worst bout of bird flu to hit the country in a century, with Avian Influenza A(H7N9) accounting for the deaths of 79 people in January from the 192 human cases reported so far. The … Continue reading

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Alabama church wants to set up its own police

RT A request by a Birmingham church to establish its own police force has advanced through the Public Safety Committee of the Alabama legislature. Some lawmakers are concerned about what they call a potentially dangerous precedent. The Briarwood Presbyterian Church … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Calls Media ‘The Enemy Of The American People’

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: Of course Fox News is not the enemy of the people, they are on the “right” so they must be the good guys right? Wrong. Everytime this guy talks I feel as if I … Continue reading

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Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad “Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine” — Media Silent

Sent to us by a reader. Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, son of notorious Medellín cartel drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, now says his father “worked for the CIA.” In a new book, “Pablo Escobar … Continue reading

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Trencher Alert: In answer to the inquiry as to why Koyote has not been on the site

An email from Koyote’s wife, Jill: Koyote asked me to email you and I apologize for not emailing sooner. He had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago and it seems to have resulted in his having seizures now. Apparently the … Continue reading

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Could a £400bn plan to refreeze the Arctic before the ice melts really work?

The Guardian – by Robin McKie Physicist Steven Desch has come up with a novel solution to the problems that now beset the Arctic. He and a team of colleagues from Arizona State University want to replenish the region’s shrinking … Continue reading

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LIVE UPDATES about Oroville Dam, not MSM!

Investment Watch Been following this guy Sean D, he lives near the Dam and has been posting live videos on Periscope about Oroville’s situation. You can follow him here…  

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French Police Flee Armed Mob as Week-Long Paris Riots Spread to City Centre

Breitbart – by Liam Deacon French police have been filmed fleeing from armed mobs as riots continue in Paris for the second week and the unrest has now spread to the city centre. Hundreds of violent thugs took to the … Continue reading

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