Colin Powell Won’t Be Hillary Clinton’s Huckleberry

Daisy Luther

Wow, the nerve of some people who just refuse to play ball.

The fact that Hillary Clinton used her personal email account for sensitive government communication is still haunting the presidential candidate. Although she seems to be generously coated in Teflon when it comes to criminal charges, the public isn’t quite as willing to let her transgression with national security go as James Comey, the Director of the FBI is. (Here’s his annotated statement about the email business.)  

So, she did what any reasonable person would do. She blamed someone else.

But she made a big mistake when she chose her potential patsy. She decided to blame the whole thing on retired 4-star General Colin Powell, who served as Secretary of State for  President George W. Bush From 1989-1993. (Learn more about Powell here.)

Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to rid herself of the email albatross was all over Facebook as a trending story. (We all know how Facebook likes to treat its users like a giant social experiment.)  The Democrats could all breathe a deep sigh of relief. Hillary was not at fault. It was General Powell’s fault.


It turns out that it wasn’t true. I hope you’re sitting down for this, but Hillary Clinton…well, she lied.

General Powell isn’t the type of fellow who is going to take Clinton’s accusations lying down. He was probably the wrong choice. She should probably read the book he wrote where he gives advice about leadership. Had she read that book, she might have looked for another huckleberry, because she would have realized General Colin Powell wasn’t it.

Powell spoke to Page Six reporters about the situation:

Powell, who had said last week in a statement that he had no recollection of the conversation, told Page Six at Saturday’s Apollo in the Hamptons event, “The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as Secretary of State].

“Her people have been trying to pin it on me.”

When asked why Clinton’s team were attempting to blame him, he responded, “Why do you think?”

Despite appearing angered by the situation, he added, “It doesn’t bother me. It’s okay, I’m free.”

Basically, Powell said that for emails like “Hey – we’ve got a meeting in 30 minutes” a personal account was cool. Not for emails regarding national freakin’ security. Not for 30,000 or so classified emails.

Enjoy the video below.  (Spoiler: Hillary Clinton lies in this video, too, as the reporter from Fox neatly points out.)

Daisy Luther

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