DHS Are You Willing to Die for Your King? I Am Willing to Die for Mine.

040513_2038_HeyDHSAreYo1.jpgFreedom Outpost – by Dean Garrison

They have labeled me a terrorist. This is the same Dean Garrison whose Father was a well know pacifist? They say the apple does not fall far from the tree and they may be right. There are very few things in this world that would make me want to go to war and kill another human being, but we all have our limits.

I am a conservative Christian who happens to believe in my Rights protected by the Constitution. These rights are only protected by this Constitution but granted by God. I am sorry if bringing up God makes some uncomfortable but this country was founded on His principles of equality, freedom and the rights of the individual. I do not bow to your king. I bow to no one because I am an American.  

Americans are fighters. We come by that trait honestly. We had to fight for our very freedom from a tyrannical government. Many of us have had to fight for our freedoms from this government. Let us not forget the Native Americans, African-Americans, and for that matter, the women who have had to scratch and claw and fight for their own liberties. This government has never been perfect, but when injustice is present it is our duty to be prepared to fight to solve those inequities. This is who we are. We live by the “dangerous liberty” that Jefferson spoke of and not the “peaceful slavery.”

So am I a domestic terrorist? If the love of country makes me a domestic terrorist then I will proudly accept the title you have given me. I speak the truth today because it needs to be said. I will not cower in fear because that is what you want. You cannot continue to intimidate America. We are calling you out and it’s time to talk about this.

Most of us are wise enough to know that the Department of Homeland Security was formed to protect us from terrorism. We simply did not understand what the definition of “terrorism” would become. We all assumed the real reason for the creation of the DHS was to fight against the uprisings of Al Qaeda or Mexican Drug Cartels, for example. Now we give Mexican Drug Lords weapons and put members of the Muslim Brotherhood into top government positions. It is clear who the real target is and it is not foreign-born terrorists. It is God-fearing, constitution-loving, conservative people who want nothing more than a country that embraces the values of a great Constitution, rather than an administration that seeks to destroy it.

For the Patriots of this country, the Constitution is second only to the Bible for most. For those who love this country, but do not share my personal beliefs, it is their Bible. To them nothing comes before the Constitution of these United States of America. For this we are all labeled potential terrorists.

The DHS is arming at an alarming rate and “We the People” are not stupid. So you want to take our freedom? You want to take our guns? You want to lock us up and throw away the key? I’ve got a message for you… Molon Labe…Come and Get Them!

I want to remind you that history is not on your side. You must understand that the side with the greatest conviction is always the side that prevails. It is the side that is willing to commit to the highest level of sacrifice. There will be no dipping toes here. You cannot defeat the American people with a police action. You can slaughter ten of us with your advanced weaponry and one hundred more will be rallying behind us. We are not afraid because you must understand that you are calling us into a Holy War. That is what this is for us.

We do not intend to strike the first blow but we will defend ourselves at any cost.  In the end we know that we can trust no one. As much as I love to pat our Senators on the back when they do well, I will not forget that the vote was 98-0 in the Senate when they decided to take guns away from veterans without due process. You do not spit in the face of a veteran in my country and certainly not in the face of 125,000 of them without giving them a proper hearing. You encourage these men and women to fight for their country and then turn your back on them when they come back with the mental scars of war. Not all of these men and women and dangers to society and you cannot convince me that they are. I suppose it was simply most convenient to label all of them, just as you have labeled “The Patriots.” We have taken note.

This is the tyranny that you are vowing to lay your life down for if you are a member of this “private army.” Why do you think they ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammo? You are not stupid. Why are you shooting at targets of armed senior citizens, pregnant women and children? The company was asked to specially manufacture those for YOU. They do not carry those in stock.

They are conditioning you. They are preparing you for a war which you will not win and you are pledging your life for the rule of a tyrant. I am asking you today to honor the people of this country and not the desires of a despot who wishes to be dictator. Use common sense. Why are you being trained in close quarter urban combat? We know about that. Why are they training you to drive the buses that were formerly driven by civilian contractors? We have been warned. We know about the “mass rallies.” Those of us who are awake know that martial law is coming. We just don’t know when.

You need to understand that you will not be coming at paper targets. We will fight you with any resources we have and we will be coming from everywhere. We will follow no set rules of engagement which is what makes us dangerous. You cannot predict our movements. We will fight back with extreme prejudice and there are millions of us willing to do so. You are being prepared to go to war against the largest army in the world. This is not North Korea. There are way more than 9.5 million of us armed here. We dwarf that army. If they want to try to invade we will fight them too. We will have no problem with putting you six feet under if you come at us in violation of our constitutional rights. You are taking the form of the modern-day “redcoats.”

Ultimately it is your call. You are being trained and you may think it is for reasons other than the obvious. After all, Al Qaeda is rumored to be sending lots of senior citizens, pregnant ladies and children as operatives to this country. There will be millions of them which is why you certainly need this much ammo. Wake up. I know you need a job and I know you serve in that capacity admirably, but if you cannot see what is happening then shame on you. You are being mobilized as a private police force to stand against the people of this country.

When the order comes down you had better remember who you are really fighting for. Are you willing to die for your king? You had better think long and hard about that question because the day is coming when you will be asked to make that decision.

For the American Patriots there is no decision to be made. Our king is more than just any king. He is the King of Kings.

So for now we will continue to cling to our God and our guns and we are quietly waiting for you. There is a rifle behind every blade of grass. And where I live there may be 2-3 rifles behind every small shrub. So what do you say? Want to get this party started?

We will not fire first because contrary to what you believe we are not terrorists. But we will be waiting and we grow more anxious every day. We are just waiting for you to give us an excuse to take back our country. We are not ruled by fear but, rather, bound by honor.

We will see this as an opportunity to regain what is ours. For all of those who have fought and died for our freedom, we will hold on to it tightly. Freedom shall not fall on our watch. No one ever made the ultimate sacrifice for this country in the name of radical communism. You have broken a sacred promise to men and women who fought and died for you. This is not acceptable and make no mistake…We are not slaves and we will not bow down to communist rule.

We will not bow down to anyone if it means that the nearly 1.4 million Americans who have died in battle will have done so in vain. You also may want to remember that many of the current military and veterans will be standing with us. Do you really think you have a chance against highly trained Green Berets, Rangers and Seals? I know you are scared and I would be too. But if you decide to fight for the enemy you will be dealt with accordingly. No mercy will be shown.

So what do you think DHS? Are you ready to face a standing army of 20 million? That is what you are up against. We will die for our King. Will you die for yours?

Are you prepared for a SHTF scenario?  It’s time to start meeting people in your area. I need to make it clear that we are not a militia and we are not planning any armed offensive revolt. We offer a place where people gather to meet others in their local area, and prepare for the possibility of the worst. Over 23,000 people have joined us in 11 days. Join your local team below to start meeting other individuals who are like-minded and are vowing to stand together.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/04/dhs-are-you-willing-to-die-for-your-king-i-am-willing-to-die-for-mine/#ixzz2PhcSJyHV

21 thoughts on “DHS Are You Willing to Die for Your King? I Am Willing to Die for Mine.

  1. Let me know when it starts. There are many waiting in the wings when it does happen. Hopefully we’ll still have some guns left.

    1. What do you mean by “Hope we will have some guns left” are you planning on giving them to someone, or are you going to let someone take them from you?

      1. I live in one of those states where I’m either going to have to register for future confiscation or bury them. And let’s put it this way, I’m too old to do time for an illegal weapon.

        1. Are you to old to make a stand against tyranny? If you don’t, you will have a jackboot on your neck the rest of your life any way. For your childrens childrens sake, stand up man! You won’t be a lone!

  2. So to get in touch with Patriot groups you have to be on CIAFacebook you have got to be joking right , whilst your at it can you reserve my top bunk at a FEMA camp.

    1. Buahahaha!!! Talk about a set up! I never clicked on the link until I saw your comment. I don’t have a FaceTrace/FaceTrack account so I couldn’t do it if I wanted too. So, I wonder… does that make Freedom Outpost a CIA group also?

    2. my first thought exactly, but then again, i’ve been on the internet fighting this bullshit coup of our government and constitution overthrow too long to not be on their radar, so im f#@ked either way. but they can save the bunk at camp fema for another, reserve me a spot in a mass grave, right next to the morons stupid enough to believe they are justified in enforcing the revocation of the rights i have learned, accepted, and lived for 40 years, i will take as many of you with me as i can, i fear no jackboot, brownshirt or blue helmet enforcer of tyranny, call it progressive, call it liberalism, call it whatever the f#@k you want, i will treat it as what it is, period! if they come for me, camp fema is not an option, slavery or freedom may be a choice for some, but i had the joy of growing up learning the principles this country was founded on, and bought in 100% to my core, so if i am now a terrorist because of that, there is no choice for me, it is freedom or death, it is now up to the criminal cabal to decide whether or not they will test that resolve, of not only myself, but MILLIONS of others that went all in on liberty, to the coward wannabe dictator posing as a president or any of your criminal cohorts posing as the united states federal government. it is not to late for you to surrender, and face up to your crimes, but the more you push this treasonous agenda, the more resistance you will create, its only natural, i will see your tyranny obama, and raise you a revolution if you throw your chips all in.

  3. “His principles of equality, freedom and the rights of the individual.”
    Ummm, most of the men that signed the constitution were slave owners, that doesn’t mean I dismiss the document by the way. Same as : “Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven”. Is the One time any reference to “god” is made in the whole document. Just small observations.
    And which government positioned Muslim Brotherhood individuals are you referring to? I thought they were actually jews with dual citizenship. But I forget, jews are cool, arabs and muslims baaaad. For such peace-loving people you seem to discriminate a whole lot and promote intolerance. I guess us “non-believers/infidels/unsaved/damned” are not human beings unless we convert huh?
    You had the potential to make your article a great source of information and motivation but you oversaturated it with religious fanaticism. One thing is writing in a religious website, another is sharing information with the rest of the world (which is a little more diverse and complex than “believers” and “non-believers”) .
    The country should be taken back, people should be taking to the streets and fighting, same as our founders did, for our rights, but they fought so long ago people think that just by saying, “i have rights man” takes care of it. Furthermore, any collective attempt to fight against the might of the federal government at this point (we’re kind of late) would be suicide, the machine has to be taken apart piece by piece not shot down in a wild west type offensive since we haven’t the guns or manpower to do it. We need to remove all the traitors in congress, the white house and the senate, also reclaim our armed forces as the people’s military and arrest, incarcerate and/or execute the criminal bankers and corporation executives. That would entail a massive effort, I don’t see americans uniting against these threats any time soon, not in the numbers needed to take any real action, and religion is one of those things that keep people SEPARATED.
    Americans have become too docile and complacent, to distracted and apathetic to stand up. Once people realize that this is bigger than themselves, that the future of their children and grandchildren is at risk and come to the realization that we will die one way or another, sooner or later, maybe they will choose to risk dying fighting for that cause rather than waiting to die of a heart attack from eating too much junk.
    I truly hope I’m wrong and people take charge, I guess we’ll have to wait and see..

    1. Well, because you say that you are a non-believer then I can see why you do not realize that all of this is actually spiritual warfare, that has been going on for way more than 2000 years (as you say). It is a war that is fought in the spiritual and manifest in the physical. If you can see that the world leaders are all Luciferian and that they know that this is a spiritual warfare also… then you haven’t done your research. Here is a hint… The debt base usury banking system comes from ancient Babylon, who at the time was a Luciferian one world government, and the Talmudic Babylonian Jews are of that system. The Cain Serpent Seed Bloodline. They have designs to create another such system. With none other then Lucifer as king. It is in all of history and in there own words written down for all to see, and it is also written in the Bible. Just because you don’t beleive it doesn’t make it not so. I wonder, do you believe in the Galactic Federation of Light, or other types of ascension of humanity?

      1. Oy Veh! Spiritual warfare? Argh.

        Somebody’s been swallowing thousands of years worth of propaganda emanating from the ruling class.

        Just because usury is old doesn’t mean it was invented by a devil. It’s a really simple idea to cheat your fellow man, you don’t have to be a god to think of it.

        1. Cheating your fellow man might be a simple and easy idea for you to think of and do, but not for me and the people I hang around with.

  4. Dude,

    Push your religious agenda if you like – its a free country – but be aware that the US was NOT founded on any religious basis. Quite the opposite – the founding fathers explicitly kept religion away from gov’t and were quite clear that the two should never combine.

    By all means push your faith, just don’t imply that it has anything to do with the USA – it does not.

    1. I believe that you need to do more research and quit drinking the communist kool-aid. You’re starting to sound just like them!

      1. sorry dog. jordan has this correct. i’d suggest that you do the homework, but it seems clear that no new information will alter your chosen beliefs, so why bother. regardless, we are on the same side. if you examine the reasons you do not believe in the egyptian gods, the roman gods, the persian gods, and all the other gods whose existence has been strenuously believed in by millions over the centuries, you might understand that i am simply one more gods-worth (patent pending) atheistic than you. peace, until it’s time for not-peace, and then we face forward together.

        1. I do believe in those other gods, they existed, to them and they worshipped them also. I worship the living God, not a dead god. But, weren’t we talking about this nation being founded on Christian principles. You know, the God who gave you the unalienable right to be a freeman, a sovereign. The pagan religions you mentioned were classes of people, the elite, and those of a lesser social class , where not everyone is born a sovereign, Being born a sovereign man is a Christian priciple. Is not that what the original intent of the Founding Father were.

    so you need a CIA, er, FACEBOOK account to fight for liberty? Gimme a break! Just like nearly all the so-called “liberty” websites now…to comment you need FACEBOOK!

    Sorry, but I’ll defend my liberty and freedom without the CIA monitoring me…

    I think it’s gonna come to old time mimeograph machines at some point, or even stuff done by hand. In the old Soviet Union, this form of resistance was called “Samizdat.” Maybe it’s time for it again.

    F*** FACEBOOK!

  6. “We all assumed the real reason for the creation of the DHS was to fight against the uprisings of Al Qaeda or Mexican Drug Cartels.”

    Nah anyone who has been following things thought the name was a little off Homeland Gestapo would have been more correct; 9/11 having been our Reichstag fire thus putting us in the German model, so our National Police Force should sport a German name.

    But the true joke is the Mexican Drug Cartels which should rightly be called the American/Mexican Drug Cartels. It is well known that daddy bush was once the largest drug runner in the USA. Daddy brought in slick willie and the two of them ruled the drug running roost for decades. I have no idea if obuma has pushed anyone off their drug profits.

    There is a drug trial trying to be held in Chicago. I say trying because if it is held the whole American Myth will surely blow up. In 2006 the bush regime made a deal with the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel. The US would supply Sinaloa with light infantry weapons and intelligence on rival drug gangs. In turn Sinaloa would be allowed to bring into Chicago and other US cities, untouched, tons of illegal drugs. Sinaloa was promised any Sinaloa member arrested would be set free. This was called Operation Fast and Furious. After 2006 the great Mexican drug war was fought with arms and intelligence supplied by Uncle Sam. This has killed about 50,000 Mexican Citizens so far.

    In 2009 when obuma inherited the mess, hey how did bush know in 2006 Chicago was THE city?, obuma changed things a little. Instead of importing weapons and using Mexican Army weapons the bum used the ATF to run the guns from America. Yea just one more reason to get rid of the evil guns. This was called Operation Gun Runner. You can bet these geniuses will start using operation names a little less precise.

    When I hear the bum talking about stopping gun violence I want to puke; right in his face would be very appropriate.

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